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Apr 30

The First Time

A start of something new today… So far i have been studiously avoiding talking about my (our) experiences with Guruji… i think its time to start: On Day 1 of my Art of Living part I (it was called Basic then, we later convinced Guruji that there was nothing Basic about it 🙂 and so […]

Apr 29

Carrot Salad – Seema Style

When i was visiting Poona the last time, i saw a hodgepodge of grated carrots on the dining table which didn’t look the least appetizing… while waiting for the other veggie that was being heated, i took an experimental bite of the carrot thingie and was totally taken aback by how extremely tasty it was! […]

Apr 27

Jokes and stuff…

Have been inundated with jokes…have published all that came in this time 🙂but lets make a deal:I will publish a joke here only if i have not heard it before and i really like it from now on… ok?!Same with other factoids and stuff that people send… just so it doesnt crowd up the blog […]

Apr 26

QnA – 8

Is it really possible that one can perform exceedingly well in his work which he has been doing for most part of his life but has been only a mediocre. I know some people do miraculous after a realization. But I don’t know of any example where an average guy does something extraordinary in his […]

Apr 26

102 Reasons to Go Veggie!

There were many requests from people who wanted more on why veg?i have a few favourite websites i goto and will post things from them too by and by, but below there is a very nice article which i got off: I have reproduced it word for word… please read, get warned, and spread […]

Apr 25

Sardar Jokes!

Please dont stop sardar jokes… they are very good, and more than that they reflect on the very real sense of humour and tenacity and warm warmheartedness that these hardy people have in extraordinary proportions!Very much like the Parsis, this is one community which knows how to laugh at itself and is so much richer […]

Apr 25


There have been requests for some “Knowledge” from me, tips on doing Seva, Sadhana and stuff like that… You want Knowledge, read up all of what Guruji has written, listen to all His talks… then do it again and again… Here is a tip for Seva and Sadhana: DO Seva, DO Sadhana, DO everyday You […]

Apr 24

The Punjabwich Chronicles

I am finally initiated into the blogging rite; after lots of coaxing and cajoling, warnings and threats, bribes and brickbats, mild protestations and wild insinuations, having my ego pricked or pumped, dropping hints and offering bargains (the last one by Natalie – “if you commence blogging, I will start my 8 minute Ab exercises which […]

Apr 23

Finished the Fulghum…

Well… i couldn’t wait… didn’t want to go slow anymore… so read in my usual breakneck speed… and it was a superb, satisfying little adventure with a man who loves to tell stories about the ordinary in a special extraordinary way…Though he got a wrong idea about Sanyas (just a paragraph on it in one […]

Apr 23

An Inconvienient Truth

Its a movie about global warming. Its the movie that got Al Gore (the hero), the Nobel Peace Prize. Its thought provoking, scary and told with humour and sensitiviy… It offers few solutions, but does provide some hope…It also fails to mention that eating Non Veg food, and the meat industry contributes to 27% of […]

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