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Jun 30

Comments working again :)

Jun 30

How Important is it to Meditate?

How important is meditation, spirituality? There is an ancient story from the Shiva Puranas: Shiva marries Shakti the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. For some reasons Daksha starts to dislike Shiva, and when he arranges a big difficult, elaborate Yagya and celebration, doesn’t invite Shiva and Shakti to particiapte. Shakti sees many devas and devis decked […]

Jun 27


Usually there are about 8-10 comments waiting for us every morning…If dinesh has written then about 20 🙂 today there were 59!!! Thanks for writing in… we loved all of them!!! Next post here on Monday morning… Only thing to tell all of you today is that the first time ever, Guruji did the Friday […]

Jun 26

Comments… and some News

Hi everyone…Just to let all of you know that we absolutely LOVE reading all your comments!If you enjoy what we are writing (and we know you do!), PLEASE leave comments… Just as you guys wait for our posts in the morning, we can’t wait to read all the things you have written about what we […]

Jun 25

Douglas Adams

While studying for the 12th standard exams at a friends house, i came across a book with a very strange name: So Long, and thanks for all the fish…of course i had to read it… I think i laughed almost without a break, from the first sentence to the last! Douglas Adams (who wrote it) […]

Jun 24

Crystal Clear

If you put any light near a crystal, it takes on the colour of the light, but as soon as you remove the light, the crystal becomes absolutely clear immediately! Your mind should be like a crystal… When doing anything, do it a 100%, get totally involved in it, but as soon as you are […]

Jun 23

Knowledge for a Monday Morning

Guruji traditionally talks in Kannada (the local language of Bangalore, Karnataka) on Sunday evenings. He really wants to preserve the culture and traditions of Karnataka, so He says at least on Sunday evenings when there are a lot of people from Bangalore city in the Satsang, He would speak Kannada… So, it’s Kannada on Sunday […]

Jun 21


Q: Guruji, i can’t smile, coz i have not achieved anything worthwhile in life. Please help… A: You have come here, that is enough 🙂 Don’t wait to achieve something to smile… Smile first, then maybe you will achieve something… Be like a small baby. What has a baby achieved? It is so completely dependent, […]

Jun 20

Idol Worship

There was a request to Guruji to talk on Idol Worship… As usual i don’t remember verbatim what He said, it was all in Hindi, here it is freely translated: This is not an explanation for a gyani (One who dabbles in Knowledge), it’s for a premi (a lover) We require some name and form […]

Jun 19

Rest and Activity

Q: I heard a beautiful knowledge sheet of Gurudev on Activity & Rest being read during the long kriya at Ananda Mai Bhavan yesterday. I can’t recollect verbatim… But one sentence said, “… Wise are the ones who finds Rest in Activity & Activity in Rest. While it appeals to my silly small mind/intellect about […]

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