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Jul 4

About Blogging…

Many, many people have requested that i start a blogging tips series of articles…ok, so i am going to become a football of all your opinions, and start… BUT i am going to do it in style! (of course!:)) So, i have created a new blog to do just that… there are already 2 articles […]

Jul 3

A Blogger Wishlist

Blogger Wishlist Blogger is a very nice platform to begin blogging. But it can get quite frustrating once you have got the hang of it and you wish to change the look and feel of your blog… I have been using major amounts of stuff from blogger buster to customise the look and feel of […]

Jul 2

Small Update

Been working with my graphics friends to give the blog a new look… once i am done with that, will add the blog roll which will contain the URLs of all the blogs we love to read…It’s just taking a lot longer than i thought it would take… and i really dont have any ETA… […]

Jul 2

Dhan Dar Patio

This is a traditional Parsi Dish cooked on special occasions like Birthdays and Sunday afternoons 🙂 On the Ashram everyday is a special occasion, so while i was typing this out in the night for the blog, my mouth was watering and so we had it for lunch today… photos attached! 🙂 Dhan=Rice That’s very […]

Jul 1


… on the Maharashtra Advance Course: Lady 1: Our silence ends tomorrow afternoon doesn’t it? Lady 2: (matter of factly) That’s what I have heard! 🙂 🙂 Jai Gurudeva! love bawa PS: Nanda and Harsha are just placeholders, they were not the ones breaking the silence :), but the scene was almost exactly like this […]

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