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Aug 31

Aglio e Olio

Very tasty, very classy and extremely quick spaghetti to make … Though strictly speaking aglio e olio means only garlic and olive oil, i like to add just a teeny bit of other veggies to give it colour and make it more interesting! For 4 people, you will need 3/4th a packet of whole wheat […]

Aug 30

AMEX and Art of Living

Hi everyoneJai Gurudeva! All of us could potentially see to it that a nice partnership can be formed between AMEX and Art of Living… read on… AMEX (American Express) has offered USD$2.5 million for a Service project that will be chosen among many that people all over have put up on their website… The process […]

Aug 30

An Interesting Equation

Many charming stories about Lord Krishna are told… One of them is about His fight with the Serpent King Kaaliya. The (very) young Krishna jumps into the waters of a lake known to be inhabited by an extremely poisonous many hooded snake called Kaaliya. He emerges victorious (of course!) and is seen dancing on the […]

Aug 29

Photographic proof that water exists on Mars!!!

i know i know… its really sick :)… but it made me laugh out loud! Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

Aug 29

Krishna and Kaaliya

When Krishna was very young, he was the epi center of many miracles and charming stories… An extremely poisonous King Serpent called Kaaliya made a home for himself in one of the lagoons of the Yamuna near Vrindavan. He was so very poisonous, that all the fish in the lagoon died, and even the plants […]

Aug 28

A Divine Romance

Krishna’s love affair with Radha is perhaps the most controversial in the Epics… She had a steady job, a family, a husband… she left all that and went after Krishna! She was older than Krishna, that fact alone disqualifies her 🙂 In fact there are certain sects of Hindus who do not believe that she […]

Aug 27


Radha was very special to Krishna… Here is one of the most beautiful stories about Radha that i know: Much after Vrindavan, when Krishna was relaxing with his many wives, Rukmini his head wife threw a tantrum… All the time i hear Radhe Krishna, Radhe Govind… she is not even married to you… how come […]

Aug 26

Which Geeta?

Guruji has mentioned many times that everyone should read the Bhagawad Gita… Few people have asked which Bhagawad Geeta they should read… Any one they care to… Guruji once mentioned don’t bother reading any of the interpretations or commentaries… just read the literal translation in the language of your choice or you could read the […]

Aug 26

A very young Michael Phelps

I simply couldn’t resist this one 🙂 Jai Gurudeva!lovebawa

Aug 26


If we look at the form of Krishna, we are enthralled by His beauty and Grace, but there are many secrets here as well! First off, He is always pictured blue… this doesn’t mean that He was blue in colour 🙂 … blue is the colour of the sky and signifies that like the the […]

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