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Sep 16


I get questions about people feeling suicidal because of the problems and challenges that life has thrown at them that they feel they cannot handle… In a recent Utsav course i asked how many people had contemplated suicide at some time or other in their lives, and an alarming 60-75% raised their hands. Even i […]

Sep 15

Paradise Lost?!

Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Paradise… Right? Some of you don’t… Hmmmm… Ok here is my version: God created this fantastic superb, beautiful garden full of everything that anyone could ever want… And then possibly found that to be slightly boring, so created the first man, Adam. Adam […]

Sep 14

The Secret of Lord Ganesha III

Shiva had granted a boon to Ganesha that before anything auspicious is begun, Ganesha’s name would be invoked… So Ganesha also represents the beginnings of anything good. When light passes through a prism and breaks into its constituent colours, Red is the first colour visible to the human eye… The beginning! Lord Ganesha’s signature colour […]

Sep 13

The Hermit

An absolute gem from Suparna! you can write to her and tell her to write more! 🙂 Enjoy… Up in the hills of Nilgiri 2 miles up the winding lane Lived a mysterious hermit With a long flowing mane No one could guess his age for sure Indeed, no one even knew his name […]

Sep 13

Quick Clarifications :)

Yes, the site is big… so on smaller screens there will be a scroll bar… We are going to crop it a bit, but it is still not going to fit on a 15in screen. Get yourselves a nice big screen (they have bceome quite cheap and are well worth the $$$ you spend on […]

Sep 12

The First (official?!) Post here…

Welcome!! Thank you everyone for having the patience and sharing the excitement as we created our site exactly as we wanted it… You will see that the links on the top don’t work yet, some graphics may be slightly out of place, but we don’t want to hold out any longer… Things will get polished […]

Sep 10

Start Living!

Q: Do we all need someone in our life to make us feel happy? cant we be happy all by ourselves ? i mean its not necessary that everyone finds the right person so does it mean that he/she should wait for that person to come in our lives and make us feel happy or […]

Sep 10

The Secret of Lord Ganesha II

Ganeshji is the remover of obstacles… Obstacles are there because there is no Knowledge and awareness… as soon as wisdom dawns, all obstacles and problems just vanish like dew in the sunlight…And really what obstacle can stand in the way of an elephant?! He has a huge stomach which signifies an all accepting nature… He […]

Sep 9

The Secret of Lord Ganesha I

Click The Birth of Lord Ganesha to read about the very weird tale of how Lord Ganesha was born. What follows is the interpretation of that story… Parvati is the Celebrative aspect of our consciousness. Parvat means mountain: The Earth herself rising up in celebration… Now Parvati was dirty, meaning, the celebration had gone out […]

Sep 8


The birth of Lord Ganesha is one of the weirdest tales i have ever come across… Shiva’s wife Parvati decides to take a bath… While bathing, a lot of dirt comes off her body (may have been meditating many years… these things accumalate :)), and being creative (pun intended) puts that dirt into the form […]

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