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Sep 7

Wal Mart woes

I got this on a mail … was too funny not to post here … have a good laugh! Dear Mrs. Samsel, Over the past six months, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have been forced to ban both of you from the store. […]

Sep 6

A Weekend Competition!

How many ways can you use the word up to mean different things depending on how you use it?Make up a paragraph or a story using up in as many ways as possible! Here is a start up for you: As she was putting make up on her face, she made up her mind that […]

Sep 5

Don’t Look at the Moon!!

On the day (night) of Ganesh Chathurti, we are warned not to look at the moon… Mythology says that if you look at the moon on this night, then you will get blamed for something you didn’t do! So don’t look at the moon!!! This particular belief sounds quite odd… What if the rays of […]

Sep 4

Apple and Potato Soup

Apple and Potato??? Yup you read it right! I ate (do you eat or drink soup? Well, whatever…) this soup in the ITC Eden Pavilion at Kolkata… and as usual modified it to taste better 🙂 It is incredibly simple to make and tastes otherworldly… 5 medium sized sweet apples, peeled, cored and cut into […]

Sep 4

The New Look

for our blog is just a few hours away… once we upload the template its going to take a week or so to stabilise … so please be patient if things dont work right 🙂 and please keep giving comments on whats wrong and where and what else can be added after things become alright […]

Sep 3

3 Sutras to Samadhi

Before you sit to meditate, remember these three things: 1. Achaha: Meaning right now, i don’t want anything… Right now, i want nothing… 2. Akinchen: Meaning I am nobody, i am nothing… just ask yourself… who am i? who is ? You will see you are nothing and nobody… dont bother intellectualizing this one… just […]

Sep 2


This will require some planning. Curdle about a liter of milk by adding juice of a lemon. Drain the water, we will not need it but its very healthy and can be used to make rice in or add to flour to make chapattis, etc. Hang the curdled part in a muslin cloth or a […]

Sep 2

AMEX and Art of Living II

The Jharkhand project has made it in the top 25… we are at 23! ty everyone who voted!! It’s not over yet, now the top 25 will battle it out to get to top 5 and when that voting starts i will let everyone know… it could mean $2.5 Million to Art of Living (that’s […]

Sep 1

A Reminder

Guys its only 12 hours or so to go for the AMEX projectWe are at about 23now, need to get into the top 20 please… so need another 400 votes and 12 hours to go…Please go vote!!!Jai Gurudeva!lovebawa

Sep 1

Ashram Memories

Last YES!+ advanced course in the ashram was a Sattvic blast! 600 young people from all over India and a sprinkling from abroad arrived at the ashram for the YES!+ advance course. The sad part was that we had to refuse a little over 200 ‘cos the ashram was stretched to capacity (acco wise) and […]

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