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Oct 31

Diwali 2008

2 photos from Diwali in the US with Guruji: The Laxmi Pooja that happened for the first time there in His physical presence… and … Diwali on Jagu’s lovely terrace in Mumbai (check out the angels in the photo!) A very Happy Diwali and a brilliant New Year ahead… May the lights of all our […]

Oct 30

Diwali – from Guruji

Another lovely article by Him… Time and space are infinite. Grains of sand are countless. Atoms in the universe are innumerable. So also are the stars, the galaxies. The same is with life on this planet. There is neither a beginning nor an end, because all is spherical. A sphere has no beginning and no […]

Oct 29

Deepawali and Gratitude

Yesternight, we went to Frangipani one of my favourite restaurants in Mumbai to have dinner… it was a lovely meal (marred only by the most obtrusive, horrible what-other-people-call-music-and-i-call-noise)… and while we were eating and celebrating Diwali eve surrounded by people we love, i couldn’t help but notice, that the staff, so eager to please us […]

Oct 28

Deepawali – by Guruji

An unabridged cut-paste for your reading pleasure: Have a super fantastic Deepawali!! Be safe… Jai Gurudeva! love bawa n dinesh Diwali – “the festival of lights” – celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Lights lit on this day do more than decorate homes. They also communicate a […]

Oct 27

Happy Deepawali!!!

Nothing to write… Just felling very Happy and Celebrative… So wish all of you a beautiful, light filled, joyous Diwali and an absolutely Brilliant, scintilating, healthy, prosperous Year ahead!! Jai Gurudeva! love bawa (& Dinesh)

Oct 24

State of Hell

I had this emailed to me a very long time ago… one of those extremely rare and fortuitous forwards and it’s an absolutely brilliant piece! I am pretty sure most of you will have read it too… however for the sake of posterity, i would like to include it here on this blog as one […]

Oct 23

The Parrot Flower

Mom sent me these photos of this absolutely amazing flower from Thailand… check them out: Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

Oct 22

Lettuce Wraps

This one needs a bit of planning, but its really mouth wateringly tasty! (of course :)) Get yourself 1-2 big lettuces, and carefully separate out the leaves. Each leaf should be nice and big. Wash the leaves carefully, put them in a bowl and refrigerate them. They need to stay in the fridge for about […]

Oct 21

A Broken Pipe

This is a story from about 12 years ago… A few of us were sitting with Guruji and He suddenly said, oh… I need to go to the city, Raghu, go and see if the car is there or has it already left… (This was the time when there was exactly one car in the […]

Oct 20


Maya is Illusion. Illusion is not what is not there, but what continuously changes. And so we say that the whole world is Maya, an Illusion. This doesn’t mean that it is not there, it simply means that everything we see, hear, feel, taste and touch is changing. To be able to perceive change however, […]

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