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Jun 3

Don’t be Nervous

You could hear this from outside a closed door in a hospital: “…Its ok… don’t worry, its really a minor operation, NOTHING can possibly go wrong… you will be in and out in a few minutes, don’t be nervous, why are you worried…”A man, clearly the patient comes rushing out, slams the door and locks […]

Jun 2

Monday Mornings

I love Monday mornings at the Ashram especially. I have always loved monday mornings at the Ashram, but somewhere down the line the reason changed… Let me explain: In the earlier years, a lot of us would be sharing a room, sometimes 12-16 of us would be on an Adv course to share a dorm, […]

May 31


Whats to write about our (very short) trip to Alibag… Here are a few pics… the sea was warm and the pool was hot! The hammocks were lovely to sleep in, the food was terrible 🙂 Upasana hanging around: Me with cap and me without the cap: Vishu the Bathing Beauty (?) Dinesh in (well […]

May 31

A Mystery!

A rosogolla is a very goeey, drippy, sugary, yummy Indian bengali sweet… here is another gem from suparna… read on about the mystery of: WHO ATE THE LAST ROSOGOLLA? Suparna Chatterjee “WHO ATE THE LAST ROSOGOLLA?” My mother-in-law let out a scream that made all of us jump out of our skins. I could instantly […]

May 30

Is ignorance better? Can Sanyasis fall in Love?

Amongst a lot of other things that Guruji talked about in the last 2 days, here are 2 things that really stood out :)… He said it all in hindi, and i am freely translating into english from what i remember… Q: Guruji, one looses their innocence when one gains Knowledge, so shouldn’t one simply […]

May 30

QnA – 12 (Quickie)

Q: Jai Gurudev Bawa!! Many of my friends enjoy drinking and smoking and currently they are not facing any problem as they say … they say we do not want to live a life of 100 years even 50 is ok but we will enjoy this way and live. how to make them aware that […]

May 29

A Billion?!

Here is a superb perspective about a Billion… The next time you hear a politician use the word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending YOUR tax money. A billion is a difficult number to comprehend… Lets put it into some perspective… A. A billion seconds ago it was […]

May 29

On Dealing with "Rogue" Swamis

Guruji recently wrote an article which was published in various parts in many newspapers around the country… however not one newspaper published it in its entirety… I dont like to edit anything Guruji says 🙂 so here it is, complete and unabridged… By H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar Fraudulent and unethical practices committed by Swamis or […]

May 27


A Super tasty greek dip, i absolutely love… Its extremely simple to make, but needs advance preparation… Spread a thin and big hankerchief over a medium sized vessel. Empty a full tub of Nestle yogurt (dahi) into it. You could of course use home made dahi or any other dahi really… We are putting about […]

May 26

QnA – 11

Here is a very nice little real life story: Hello Bau! I work for the Clean Up! Mumbai program at Dadar Agar Bazar area. Even Mtv has covered our activity for the MTV Wassup program. It feels really great doing this Seva. On the last Sunday, while doing the Seva, one fellow came to me […]

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