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Aug 31

A Gopi Story – I

Sage Durvasa had come to Vrindavan and was very hungry. The gopis joyfully made all kinds of delicious food for the great Sage. There were different types of rice, many types of vegetables, savouries, rotis, papads, sweets of many, many varieties, steaming hot food, cold, cold food, and everything in between… Food enough for more […]

Aug 27


This is a very strange word. It means education. But it also means punishment. Education today for almost anyone still studying more or less means punishment J. Did the ancients foresee the state of education in our country in the 21st century? And so decide that Shiksha should mean both education and punishment? There is […]

Aug 25


Guruji talked about Ganapati in a very different way the other day during Satsang. The Universe is made up of groups of atoms called Ganas. And specific groups behave in specific ways. The groups of atoms that make gold for example somehow remember at all times that they are gold… They don’t suddenly turn into […]

Aug 20

A Precious Skill

All action comes from the seed “It’s not ok”. Whenever you do anything, you do it because somewhere, there is an “It’s not ok”. For example, I am writing this article because “It’s not ok” that there is nothing new on the blog for all of you to read. You are reading it because “It’s […]

Aug 17

Winter Break 2009

Guruji gave us the dates for Winter Break 2009 just last night… Here they are: December 26th 2009 to January 4th 2010 Reporting on December 25th or 26th anytime before 11:00 pm Dec 28th 2009 to Jan 1st 2010: The Advance Course (YES!++) Jan 1st to Jan 3rd: Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Jan 4th: Rudra Pooja […]

Aug 15

Janmashtami 2009

Janmashtami is the night Lord Krishna took a physical form. If you have still not read the Bhagavad Geeta, start right away. The Highest Knowledge in all its Glory is here… Don’t read any commentary on it. Simply read the translation or the original Sanskrit (if you understand sanskrit). This is one of Lord Krishna’s […]

Aug 14

Peaceful Warrior

I had heard a lot about this movie, so finally saw it last night … and it was really nice! A cocky, brilliant American gymnast Dan (I get straight A’s, my dad has tons of money, i am going to be selected to represent America for the Olympics, and i don’t sleep alone unless i […]

Aug 9

Karjat to Khandala

or Bombay to Poona at this time of the year is enchantingly wondrous… torrents of rain, rolling wispy clouds creating a magical mist, fresh, fresh air, lush grassy mountain sides with that fresh, new bright, happy green and achingly beautiful gushing waterfalls… some of them splashing right into your face as you stand at the […]

Aug 3

God’s Own Country

If your body is a cell phone, then your phone number, which is unique is your jivatma, your Self. Guruji was in top form yesternight and this was one of the sentences He said. The satsang was out in the open with the grand Vishalakshi Mantap providing a backdrop. There is a Teachers Training Course […]