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Oct 30

Two Nice Books

On a whim i picked up this book called Wings by Aprilynne Pike from the children’s section in crossword. (secret: I get most of the things i like to read from there 🙂 ) … It’s about Laurel a rather strange (by american standards at least) girl. She is vegan (i love books about heroines […]

Oct 29

29th October 2009 (ty suparna)

We are in Mumbai … While Dinesh and i are teaching a YES!+ course in Goregaon, all the other zones of the city are having their own YES!+ courses … around 500 people are doing the course all over Bombay and everyone will come to Vasindh to the ashram on Sunday for a group session… […]

Oct 29

Weather Forecast

Jai Gurudeva! 🙂 🙂 🙂 love bawa

Oct 27

Some Details

There are so many, many people who have commented and written emails to me about wanting to contribute to our Youth Ashram… Thanks a lot 🙂 If you are from India, please make a cheque(s) or DD(s) out to WAYE. On the back write “for the Youth Ashram”. You could even send post dated cheques. […]

Oct 26

First Course ever at The Bombay Ashram

It’s a fairly big open piece of land in Vasindh, on the outskirts of Bombay, a quick 20 minute drive from Thana,  generously donated to Art of Living by the Jindals. It’s going to become the first Art of Living Ashram, made specifically for young people! 🙂 Right now, its flat, green, sunny and open. […]

Oct 22


Our blog has come a long way… we have had over 10,000 comments to the posts we have been writing… Aparna wrote the 10,000th! 🙂 Thank You very much for reading, visiting, commenting, all your great wishes and your love… For the few people who have been regularly donating (using the donate button near the […]

Oct 21

Antoine’s Story

Antoine is a super YES!+ teacher from Montreal… He was the guy who made me fall in love with Settlers of Cataan, one of the bestest board games i have ever played and knows more about the effects of diet choices and lifestyle choices on the environment that anyone else i know, but this post […]

Oct 21

21st Oct 2009

Bawa: Finally finished reading Julie and Julia… Really didn’t like the book so much at all… though there were a few extremely memorable chapters, over all it was a drag… I hope the movie is better. Maybe we will see it when it is released in India later this week… It’s all about this New […]

Oct 20

Other Interesting Stuff

We made this page on the blog to let you know a little bit about what we have been up to …a sort of an extended Twitter 🙂 soooo here goes: Bawa: Just finished reading Fillets of Plaice by Gerald Durell. Nice book, good timepass read… and in the middle of another book called larklight […]

Oct 19

The Hermit goes to America!!

Suparna’s Birthday gift for me 🙂 She sent it very much on time … i wanted to format it and add pics so it got delayed … Thanks a lot Suparna… The hermit traveled across US of A To Yellowstone, Zion and Bryce He finally arrived in New York, New York (So good, they named […]

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