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Mar 29

Close to the Master

Knowledge Sheet no. 2 Watch the video 🙂 Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

Mar 25

Why i call Mumbai Bombay!

The Marathas were never in possession of the Bombay group of islands. These were the territory of the Sultan of Gujarat. He was forced to give Bombay to the Portuguese. Unfortunately, these very proselytizing Portuguese murdered Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat. There was no Indian ruler claiming ownership of these soggy, disease-prone islands of Bombay. Not only the Moguls but also […]

Mar 22

This begins a new practice…

Hi everyone… Many years ago, Guruji sent us a fax (this was before email was popular) to be read out on the Thursday evening Satsang. It was a Knowledge fax (as He called it). And the first line was, This begins a new practice… For 7 years, every week there would be a Knowledge byte […]

Mar 15

An Interaction

Hi bau, I have been a regular reader of this blog, albeit anonymous:), for quite a while now.I have done the AOL courses and trying my bit in getting more people to gain the same knowledge/happiness in this part of the world. Can you post your views, on Guruji’s take on MF hussain? I saw […]

Mar 15

A “little bit” about us…

We will be writing at freshersworld … it started out with writing a “little bit” about us … and it turned out to be a little more than little … so go ahead and read it Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

Mar 11

Tarragon and Smoked Cheese (almost) Risotto

All people who love fine Italian food are going to rebel when they read this. But, hey its tasty, and I didn’t want to call it Tarragon and Smoked cheese khichidi 🙂 2 cups of rice washed and soaked for about an hour 2-3 bunches of fresh tarragon, leaves separated 4 strands of green garlic […]

Mar 9

From the Knowledge Sheets…

Have been making a few videos from the Knowledge Sheets (yes, yes you will see it as soon as they finish editing) and one quote stayed with me … If you are open, then you are close to me… If you are close to me, then you cannot but open up! very cool na?! 🙂 […]

Mar 1

Upgrade yourself!

First of all … A Happy Happy Holi!!!! Do play Holi with a lot of water, don’t worry about “wasting” it… People who eat non veg food will waste more water in a single meal that you and your family will waste playing a full fledged Holi with lots and lots of water … Do […]