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Dec 29


Pedro and Rosita are gazing at the beautiful full moon. Extreme romance is in the air. Pedro turns to her and huskily says, “Hey mamacita, let’s do weeweechu…” “Oh no, not now, let’s look at this gorgeous moon!!”, says Rosita. “Oh c’mon baby, I love you soooooo much… let’s you and I do weeweechu, it’s […]

Dec 21

A Quick Note on Grace

Q. How do Grace and Seva make things work? Shouldn’t commitment and hard work also be taken into account? I am a big believer of commitment and perseverance. For example, if I have done a lot of Seva, which is supposed to make Grace flow in my life but if I do not study much, […]

Nov 26


I don’t like Chris Nolan’s movies. There, I have said that out, however blasphemous it may sound to many, many people reading this. I didn’t like the Batman series – too dark and dismal for me and I felt that Superman was made into an unnecessarily psychotic, depressed and slightly confused person – Hardly the […]

Nov 13

What’s the Purpose of my Life?

I am asked this question on almost all courses I teach and as usual it popped up in the DSN Dinesh and I were teaching in Delhi. Here is my answer: Have you ever had a really good lunch on a Sunday afternoon? There was all this delicious food and you overate. And then after […]

Oct 21

Thoughts on Vertebrae

I have been taking CST for years and it has made a huge difference to me. Right from the time I had my back issues to in the last few years, when my health had been a little delicate, the CST touch always used to rejuvenate me and make me feel great. Sri Sri University […]

Oct 14

Delhi Tales – I

We are coming to Delhi in a few days time.   I learned a lesson in cross cultural management the first time I went to Delhi. I still remember I flew there on Rajshree’s ticket. This was before security checks and photo ids. When the world was a simpler, safer place.   After teaching 2 […]

Sep 30

Navaratri 2014

It’s always the same. And it’s always different. This year seems to be more different than same. Gurudev is not speaking any Knowledge at all. This year it’s all about sit back and experience. No one is saying anything much on the mike. It’s just the chants of the Poojas. On Dinesh’s birthday, Gurudev gave […]

Sep 27

What to do during Navaratri?

The ultra super best thing to do is come on over to Bangalore Ashram and be part of the Navaratri celebrations here. There is absolutely nothing quite like it. Gurudev in silence is some ethereal, exquisite Being. Words cannot possibly convey what I feel as He seemingly floats in and out of the Poojas every […]

Sep 17

The Hundred Foot Journey

Absolutely fantastic movie. Useless book. Do yourself a favour, Watch the movie, don’t read the book. It’s magic in the kitchen when the spices of India flirt with haute french cuisine. Sparks fly and the heat is on. A muslim family who passionately run a restaurant in Mumbai are victims of a riot. They loose everything […]

Aug 20

Is Life a Game?

It can be! What does a really nice game have? It has quests to do which make you better at whatever it is you are doing. It has the monsters that stop you from completing your quests. It has Power-ups that help you combat the monsters. It has allies. They help you battle your monsters […]

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