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May 30

Lotus Story

We were taking a late night walk with Gurudev in Radha Kunj. Beautiful, secluded and enchanting at all times, but even more so at that time. He was holding 2 beautiful lotuses in His hand and suddenly He said see you can smell a fragrance from these lotuses. You normally don’t get any smell from […]

May 12

Happy 59th!!

Gurudev will have taken 59 trips around the sun today. This year, He almost played a trick on all of us. It was originally “planned” that He would fly in on the 13th of May from Germany to Bangalore. So neither the devotees in Germany, nor the ones in India could be with Him on […]

May 1


I keep telling people to do something new. So I decided to do something new. I started to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, the film editing software for the mac. For Abhi’s birthday I made him a video. Mayur shot the video on a cell phone, the music is by Prasanna and the editing is […]