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Jul 19

The Mind Map for Ready Study Go!! Talk in Poona

Mar 23

Holi Water

As the winter months come to an end and the chill in the air has lost its edge, the time to welcome spring has come. As nature recovers from the freeze, tiny blossoms and hints of fresh green start to pop up all over the place. Life is renewed and soon there will be a […]

Feb 23

The Five Signs of a SatGuru, and a chance to win a MacBook Pro

Someone once asked Gurudev, How do I know that you are a real SatGuru and not fake? He replied there are 5 things that manifest in your life when the Grace of a SatGuru touches you. For no reason at all, you feel happy. A common experience of all who visit Bangalore Ashram or are […]

Feb 2

An Almond, a Pea & a Pinecone

I recently graduated and became a fully certified Bio Dynamic Craniosacral Therapist. It’s quite a mouthful isn’t it?! You need to study quite a lot of anatomy and physiology for this course… Here is a fascinating essay that I wrote as part of my homework. Btw, in case you are wondering what exactly is bio […]

Jan 4

Why Does Negative Times a Negative Equals Positive?!

It’s something we all know, right? Negative times a negative equals positive. Of course, we know that! Except when someone innocently asks us why. And continues asking, if negative times a negative is positive, why is positive times a positive not negative? What kind of a question is that?! EVERYONE knows¬†negative times negative equals positive, […]