May 26

8 Lessons on Life from Cricket

What a ironical way to end the blogging silence than a post on Cricket 🙂


I was asked to write ‘Lessons on Life from cricket’ for the Speaking Tree. My first thought was that the only lesson that can be learned is ‘Life is precious, don’t waste your time, Do something worthwhile”. But I felt i need to rise up to the demand… and this is what came out…


8 Lessons on Life from Cricket

1)   Pitch n weather: Having your facts right will help you plan your strategy effectively.

2)  Toss and Turn: Luck plays a little role in life, but not much if you are talented and willing to work hard. Just in case, it plays a big role, be good and do good in life; Karma catches up.

3)   Best batsmen bat first, Best bowlers bowl first: Play to your strengths, put your best foot forward.

4)   Field setting, Bowling, Batting: Live in the present moment and be spontaneous and willing to change and improvise.

5)   Chasing/Setting targets: Play the game of life without the burden or feverishness of getting somewhere so you can play your natural game and enjoy it too.

6)   Records: Individual achievement is good, but put the interests of your team first.

7)   Regrets: If you give your heart and soul into something (really put your 100%), there is no room for regrets.

8)   Game: Life is a game and full of glorious uncertainties. Meditation and Spirituality makes you player not a pawn.




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21 Responses to “8 Lessons on Life from Cricket”

  1. Shivam Trehan says:

    That is superb Dinesh dada. It is so simple, yet so profound the way you have equated Cricket with Life. Inspires us to been keen observer & learn from anything & everything around us.
    Jai Gurudeva

  2. komal says:

    very nice article.. thank u ..
    JGD : )

  3. Nitin says:

    This is amazing… Truely, lessons lie everywhere..

  4. Dibya Ray says:

    wow!!! Finally a post 😀 perfect silence-break
    Thanks for the wonderful lessons 😀
    Jai Guru Dev.

  5. Sameer Sathe says:

    Do you know bau …. may be 10 days back .. i was really feeling very strongly that why u have stopped writing blog since WCF…i mean but whyyyyyyy ? 🙂 & was planning to literally mail you to please start writing blog again its nice way to keep in touch n before i could mail you, my prayers are answered :D:D …wow …welcome back big time….party poppers .. n (at least 2 posts per week 🙂 …in mail i was gonna write at least one per week but thats secrete now.. 😀 I never told that so u never listened 😉 ) Hoping to meet you every monday n thursday on blog ‘as usual’ !! jai gurudeva love sameer

  6. sahana says:

    wow….. nice !

  7. Sanket says:

    Very Nice
    Dinesh dada
    loved it!

  8. Sanket says:

    Happy 2 see u back after such a long time
    Very Nice knowledge
    loved it!
    keep posting…

  9. Sujay says:

    Too good post Dada…..

  10. BKaur says:

    WELCOME BACKKKKKKK!!!!! Missed you!

  11. sahil says:

    hey bau!
    U knw wat i hv listened a lot abt u nd bawa..really wana meet u…guruji se pray karing ki kch jugad bnae!!
    I hope sm day!

  12. Amar says:


  13. Ashish says:

    Looks like another of those amateurish articles such as the Management lessons from 3 Idiots. Surely, Bawa Ji- you can do better than that.

  14. amit says:

    What took you so long 🙁 !!! Before coming to AOL these blogs were biggest push for me..

  15. Dear Bawa Dinesh

    I have been away from your blog for quite some time…really seeing your faces itself on the page, makes me full of energy…this one is a nice post…some real comparisons can be drawn….

    Jai Gurudev


  16. Mayura says:

    Amazing post Bhaiyya… very thoughtful lessons.. Loved it.. 🙂

  17. sucheta says:

    thank u dada … if the silence broken can be so wonderful … i don’t mind listening to your music

  18. sucheta says:

    thank u dada … if the silence broken can be so wonderful … i don’t mind listening to your music

  19. arya rajan says:

    point on regret is amazing…but hows dis possible,to put ur heart and soul 100%?
    mmm…sri moms blessings:)luv:)

  20. Sirisha says:

    like like !!

  21. Dr.Pranjal says:

    Happy 2 see u back after a long time.
    Nice Lessons related to cricket …liked it! jgd.

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