Oct 21

A.C. / D.C.

Came across this absolute Genius of an answer… Enjoy!

Jai Gurudeva!



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64 Responses to “A.C. / D.C.”

  1. Navjot says:

    awesome….i have been reading this blog since a few weeks…especially the jokes category…..you are simply gr8….:):)now i will never forget this concept(AC DC)

  2. Sagar says:


  3. vinod says:

    cool! that’s a “Ranchordas Shyamaldas Chanchad” answer:-D

  4. Shruti Bangad says:

    Haha … thts hilarious … hehe … crazy bau 😀
    Gud one … I shud try telling this to my external examiner 😛 .. 😀

  5. Lalita says:

    ha ha..Bau, I remember spending hours together understanding AC/DC in school but his never struck me! 🙁

    Did you really ‘come across’ this or was it actually your notebook? :p

  6. Anuj Kumbhat says:

    The handwriting is really nice !!

  7. Amruta says:

    Hats off to d Answer bawa….:)

  8. aJit says:

    ha ha ha… cool che.. 🙂

  9. Barathi says:

    lovely…:) 😀

  10. Aparna says:

    CRAZZZZZZYYYYY cooooool 🙂

  11. amit says:

    lolzzzzzzzzzzz 😀

  12. Anjesh says:

    😉 🙂 hehehe 😉

  13. shikhar says:

    waiting for the same Q to come in the exams. 🙂

  14. bhushan says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 :)……………..nice 1.

  15. Ashok says:

    hahahaha… good one! 🙂

  16. Only1maite says:

    What is DC?

  17. Sirisha says:

    Wow! where did he/she get the idea from…and where did you this piece from!! Question, not wonder 🙂

  18. harsh says:

    bau…its fatteyy

  19. Shalini says:

    Awesome… very sharp kid!!!!!!!

  20. Amruta Ranade says:

    Awesome…thus has spoken a true engineer 😀

  21. ashish says:

    Hahahaaaaaaaaa great answer…..
    Not able to rate the article ???

  22. harsha says:

    hahaha! too good 🙂

  23. ranjani says:

    Bau. is it ur school book??? or arbaan’s??

  24. rads says:


  25. Rahul Joshi says:

    Just can’t Stop Laughing..!!
    Bau, from where do u get such stuff..?

  26. subhash says:

    Jai Gurudev,
    Waiting curiously for your DSN yes plus in delhi
    Yours Loving

  27. piyush srivastava says:

    ooohhhhhh it’s reallyyy awesome…………..

  28. Kalindi says:

    hehehhehheh…super cool

  29. Shaunak Vaidya says:

    Ya… Just like AC current we need to overcome obstacles in our path..
    || Jai Gurudev ||

  30. Vinod B S says:


  31. Vijay says:

    Yes Bau, really burst out laughing when I got this in my mail.

    Way 2 too brilliant 🙂

  32. Prakash says:

    Nice concept….

  33. Mansi says:

    Coooooooooool one!!

  34. Swapnil says:

    This student is really intelligent.Atleast he is not mugging up and vomiting in the examination. He has imagined things related to AC/DC.

  35. Meghana says:

    Real funny answer Bau, my students also give such answers in the viva….For me viva is a total comedy show…once when I asked what a flip-flop is, a student said flip is 1 n flop is 0……………………..Hahahahahah!

  36. siddharth says:

    hahhahahhahaa tooo good.

    Once in final year B.E vivas, one of my friend was asked by the examiner “Is printer an output device or an input device “.

    He said ” Input device.”

    Examiner highly amused asked “How??”

    My friend confidently said “Because we put paper inside it.”

  37. manoj says:

    ye sab mithya h …..bas guruji sachhe h….love u guruji

  38. pratibha says:

    cracker of an answer! i cant decide if the post is more funny or comments! 🙂 will forward you some seriously funny stuff to post – on similar lines for math and science!

  39. Pruthvi Akarsh says:

    AC _ DC got to see in PC
    thanks bau …………

  40. Gaurav Padhi says:

    agar itna aacha merko mera physics teacher padhata toh 2 sal 12th me nahi guzarne padte.
    and even after 2 years of 12th std, still not clear about the A.C, D.C or nay of the concept.

    feels very happy, can communicate to u via blog. In advance course we hav to keep quite and even out of silence, 1000’s of ppl, probability to talk to u decreases & cannot DARE to repeat the DSN.
    So the blog system is good….:-)

  41. Aditya Dhaka says:


  42. Manjunath says:

    Bau how to set an alert mail for your postings on your BLOG?
    I want to get alert mail when you post anything on blog.

    Love you Bau…

  43. Kumar says:

    Hahaha.. Awesome!!

  44. nikhil says:

    superb 🙂 : ) 🙂

  45. Mona says:

    Awesome Bau !!>..>>>>> hahahhaa

  46. ashish says:

    Ha ha ha… can’t stop laughing!

  47. ankita says:


  48. bharath says:

    its pity that many of the Indians still mug up the concepts of AC DC..what you dont understand is how capacitor works..don’t just tell me it stores charge..charge is developed in the capacitor..DC is unidirectional flow of charge..which means that all the charge is accumulated on one plate..so no electric field is developed..electric field is only developed when there are equal and opposite charges on both sides of plates..in AC the charge is accumulated on both plates..so dielectric develops electric field..and also note charge doesnt pass through capacitor..before changing the world change yourself..

    • Bawa says:

      my dear, when you change yourself, the world automatically changes 🙂

      • bharath says:

        thats what im saying..everybody thinks of changing the world..but nobody thinks of changing themselves..so many students still cant even explain a multivibrator or transistor working properly..and others dont even have self respect for what they study..they study civil, mechanical engineering and do totally different things…everyone idiot in India wants a software job and wants to lots of money..nobody wants to work or learn things..but will do bajans, meditation all which is not necessary..

        • Bawa says:

          i totally agree with you that many people don’t have their fundas and concepts clear, not just in India but almost all places in the world… I also agree that people should take the trouble to learn and understand their subjects, coz thats what makes education exciting and enjoyable instead of dull and nauseous. However your reaction to a really nice joke is totally uncalled for, and to say that meditation and satsang is not necessary is to be short sighted and silly.
          Education will teach you important stuff, but meditation will make you a better human being… which is in the final analysis most important.
          Jai Gurudeva!

  49. bharath says:

    Dont compare India with Pakistan and African countries..India has one of the longest history of human habitat but still in last 70 years Indians( we all) lost our essence of living standards..we are ready to ape the west ,use their inventions ,discoveries and then even boast about servicing the same..we are proud of our achievements in alien lands while our own fellow citizens 65 percent of them go without square meal a day..compare India with China, Japan, Germany, Korea..after the world war2 Japan, Germany were worst than India..China has more population than us, there government is also corrupt..but the economy of china is far far better than India..when it comes to work we are the best in the world in terms of hard work ( based on money)..we never bother whats our motto in life we get some qualifications for the sake of it then demand more for not working in the workplace..while we use mobile we dont make them..while we fly we cant build airplanes..while waste time on movies we cant manufacture a camera..while we boast about ourselves the world moves to next ear building new things..

  50. Guru says:

    Awww .. there’s really nothing we can’t do ..
    We don’t do is more correct …
    Or We don’d want to do …
    Or we won’t do …

    BTW what do you do, Bharath .. is that a misnomer ?

  51. bharath says:

    no..that’s not a misnomer..my real name is Bharath..bharath means fire(Sanskrit)..I completed bachelors in electronics in June 2010..planning to do further studies..I think we can actually do something..people are living on blind faith..if we eliminate religion, India will be so much better..you see..all people place their faith in someone more powerful than them..the receipt of that faith seeks someone in higher position and powerful..thats how all gods are born..if people can believe more in themselves than fate, destiny and other shit..India would be better..i say eliminate religion..but people cant live without putting faith in someone..it takes a strong heart and mind to believe in yourself..remember..there is nothing magic in universe..there is only physics..

  52. Saravanan says:

    @Bharath :
    You will realize the importance of meditation only after you do it. I am not preaching you, just suggesting you the fact, it is hard to explain the effects of meditation. Never say it is not necessary in a general sense. If it is not necessary for you, say it is not necessary for me. 🙂

    Our education system is like that where in we don’t really care about what we study, we youngsters have to change it and we shall. 🙂 We will be the change you are talking about.

    Religion: IMHO We are not forced to follow something, it is our own will. My parents never forced me to pray God and still they don’t. What is Religion according to you? Praying god and following many rituals? According to me Religion is a path to seek the divine power and the medium which helps me to figure out, “Who i am?” and “What i can be?”. I am in the search still, long way to go i guess. Eliminating religion will lead the country to nowhere.. 🙂

    BTW, there are loads of guys like us who think we can change India for better and make it a better place to live for the future generations and we are working towards it.

  53. Guru says:

    Hi Bharath

    Felt compelling to reply back to a person with such views in long time…

    The last sentence in your comment was interesting and thats precisely what spirituality means…Believe in yourself…to believe in yourself, understand who you really are and then you can totally believe in yourself…

    Spirituality and Physics are not at all in conflict…Infact there is a special discipline in physics called Meta physics which is in line with spiritual thoughts of different schools…

    There is nothing wrong in being an atheist provided we have researched all religions and spiritual schools of thought thoroughly and experience every single method taught and then come to a conclusion…instead, negating something without having exploring the fundamentals is just showcasing our ignorance in public !!!

    Jai Gurudev

  54. bharath says:

    when did i say eliminate cars..?..what’s your point..?

    • Bawa says:

      read your comments, read mine and figure it out … i have no idea why you have made such a big deal out of a very nice joke 🙂
      End of discussion as far as i am concerned

  55. Swagat says:

    Itz just Crazzzzeeeee!!!!!!

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