Apr 24

A few Updates

Here are the links to a few more articles i have written for the viewspaper, an online youth magazine

A quick intro to Network Marketing

A look at Why we should vote

A Review of a quiet, out of the way, brilliant book called The Piano shop on the Left Bank: Discovering a forgotten passion in a Paris Atelier by Thad Carhart

and the Review of the movie Dostana (they edited a bit of this, my language was far more sarcastic 🙂 ) … will post my version on the blog a little later 🙂

So as usual, please go and read, comment and rate 🙂

The Mumbai YES!+ team has done a phenomenal job of asking people to go and vote and vote for change… they have posted a very nice write up with some really nice photos, check them out!

The next YES!+ Adv course at Bangalore Ashram was supposed to be end of May, however Guruji said He would love to have you all come over when He is in India and so we preponed it to 21st May. Reporting for the course is 20th May anytime before 9:00 pm, and you can leave on the 25th May evening (after 4:00 pm) or anytime on the 26th of May. Please get in touch with your local YES!+ teachers for any more details you would want.

Guruji has also approved of 100 YES!+ graduates to go to Bali for a YES!+ Adv course in His presence over there next year. They will be able to do this at the highly discounted rate of just USD$ 650! which will include your adv course fees and stay, food etc in Bali. It does NOT include your travel to Bali. We are looking into this, and hopefully should be able to get tickets at just Rs 30,000. The course is scheduled around the first week of April 2010. So, start saving/being really nice to your respective dads/applying for leave for that time, etc. You have almost a year to plan it. Its completely first come first served… I will keep updating to tell you how many seats we have left.

If you want to ask Guruji some question on voting or politics or the election, then just click here and type away…


We were among the first people to vote early yesterday morning. They don’t put those neat little dots on your finger any more. They put a line. Dinesh didn’t like it at all (he managed to scrub it off his nail), i am pretty proud of having it! 🙂 When it’s election day in your city, do go and vote… and take many, many people with you too!

And here is one more bonus picture, Guruji casting His vote…

Jai Gurudeva!



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45 Responses to “A few Updates”

  1. santhosh says:

    Wow Bau ,
    i will definately save money 🙂
    thanks for updating .


  2. sudha says:

    planning to come on 21 may for an advanced course

  3. Anshul says:

    WHY??? bau… why u prepond the dates…..
    i have my final term jury on 25th bau… i ws so happy tht i will do this yes!++ bt nw….. 🙁

  4. Vijay says:

    Jai guru dev Bau,

    Advanced course is now advanced by a week, gr8. YES+ Adv course in Bali, thatz mouthwatering Bau. We met Guruji in Chennai day before yesterday on his way from Sri Lanka to Bangalore. He was just uber-cool. Couldn’t resist being bowled over at the love that he emits and watching videos of him talking to innocent civilian refugees in Sri Lanka just made me numb. Here the politicians are just buying votes over people dying. There were some actors (self proclaimed atheists) who came to meet him to discuss on this. 🙂

    Elections here are on Gurujiz birthday – May 13th. I have a question on voting.

    There is a good candidate standing as an independent in my constituency (a former BITS/IIM grad who has come up from lower economic rungs). However voting him might just split the anti-incumbency votes and anyways he is not expected to win. Should we vote him to encourage more such people to participate in politics though they might lose in this attempt or should we use our vote to create an immediate winner (here the immediate winner will be a regional party in alliance with Congress or Communists – both as we know are useless)?

    Btw, preponed (as you have used) is not a word technically. It is actually a commonly used English blooper complement of postponed. Just thought I should let you know.

    Lots of Love,

  5. Raghavan says:

    Jai Guru Dev Bawa ,
    It was tragic to see Pune register the LOWEST voting percentage since 1958 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Just 40% voted. Even though we campaigned a lot for VOTE FOR CHANGE, it just wasn’t enough. No wonder was putting so much emphasis on getting people out to vote. The vast middle classes are in deep slumber. I just wish all volunteers would put their heads together and realize that we should just DO what Guruji says rather than bring our small minds into the picture .


  6. indu says:

    nice pic!

  7. komal kapur says:

    wow bau your review on dostana was gr8….
    since i am in australia i cant vote do go thru the link ive pasted here ,some of my views are there…. oh and nice pic and you all are so lucky to be part of the denocratic process in the world’s largest democracy in INdia..
    about network marketing: brilliant bau.. im in2 network marketing too with a swedish naturopathy cosmaceutical company called Oriflame and this article deepened my vision and understanding about it… oh and im really sad that the yes++ isnt happening in june this year .. ill miss it….last year june it was hels.. btw when is the next yes++ in bangalore happening .. do keep us updated.. JGD 🙂

  8. komal kapur says:

    **held and was funnnn being in such bliss and deep silence…

  9. Jaimin says:

    re: dostana article …

    KJo seems to be over-obsessed with the gay theme now… Kal Ho Naa Ho’s ‘gay comedy’ was okay and did manage to make u laugh… but in Dostana, it has been overdone …

    a comedy movie is good, but an attempt at a comedy is worse than a tragedy … dostana is an inane attempt at making a comedy movie …

    been a real long time bollywood has had a good comedy movie

  10. Anshika says:

    Great courses coming our way! 🙂
    The pic is a good one and I really liked all of the viewspaper articles you wrote 🙂
    Jai Gurudeva !

  11. Nidhi says:

    Jai Gurudev Bhaiya!!

    Yaa Bhaiya i totally agree… if u go on seeing the logic of the movie Dostana… it doesn’t have any 🙂
    but..the song Jane Kyon.. I really like that song… i haven’t seen d movie when i first heard d song & i could really relate it wid Guruji.. it really raises my spirits… n i’m sure u r also going to like it if u don’t hear it in context of d movie.

    2 more recent songs i like.. 1. Tu Hai Toh.. from Rock On and other.. 2.Teri Ore.. from Sing is King!!

    do listen to them as well n tell me if you like it:)


  12. Anir says:

    Oh Man, Bau you have such long fingers. Does it have some special significance?

  13. bhawana says:

    I want to come to bali,,,,hmmm abhi time hai…lets see!
    Jai Gurudev Bau…Very nice news that from now on we can do advance courses in Bali as well!!!

  14. what a beautifully scrubed nail!!! 😀

  15. Priya says:

    Hi Bawa! The chat is still going on or it is over?? I really want to talk to Dear Guruji!! Please reply!!

  16. ............... says:

    Jgd bau…I will definitely vote for bjp…although was pro congress as bjp wouldn’t have done anything different in those 5 years,I feel that way,but if the situation is so bad cant I use 49-O??if all the parties are so evil,why not go for it??

  17. Abhinand says:

    Yay! Now i can do Advance course for the 2nd time! Since it was to be held during 1st week of May, I couldn’t have done because of my curiously unavoidable exams 🙂

  18. Varun says:

    What is 49-O ?

  19. Srivi says:

    you saw dostana???????!!!???

  20. Janardhan says:

    Vijay – you are correct. ‘preponed’ is not a word, but interestingly ‘prepone’ is a real word. Please see link below…


    I would think ‘prepone’ being a word automatically means ‘preponed’ would also be a word, but I guess not!

    Jai Gurudev

  21. jan says:

    JaiGurudev bau!!ya i totally agree with vijay..Guruji came like a wave of gentle breeze and once again touched our hearts with joy and love unexplainable..it was just for a while and yet felt like eternity..this is awesum news 4 us that our sweet Guruji will be there in the ashram when v do d course!! sumthing that weve all longed 4!!!tnx so much bawu!!loadzzzz of luvv and gratitude,jan

  22. AdiTyA says:

    Bali one of the most beautiful places i have been to :)…and a course there…aaaaaaah wow what more can one ask for(period hehe) 🙂 (*no words to describe the anticipation*)…Bawa count me in 😀

    Jai GURU DEV

  23. RR says:

    Dear Bawa :
    The wonderful post by the Mumbai YES+ folks http://vnvyesplusteam.blogspot.com/2009/04/vote-or-vaat.html/ have generously ripped off my original article here : http://jeevanekkhoj.blogspot.com/2009/04/top-10-reasons-why-ill-vote.html

    Its almost ridiculous. They have copy-pasted entire sentences and paragraphs without giving credit. It would be nice if the pall bearers of truth, practiced it for change. I know you have no control over this but since you’ve prominently displayed a link to their post, I thought it important to point it out. They are after all my fellow AOLites and I don’t mind them using my material so long as they give credit. Else its called plagiarism.


    • khurshed says:

      Maybe they just felt a lot of belongingness 🙂
      But seriously guys, if you are taking some stuff from anyone’s blog or site, its just plain courtesy to acknowledge the author and the source you got it from in the first place
      Jai Gurudeva!

  24. tanushree says:

    Bau! I definitely want to go to Bali!where,how&when do I register for it??thanks!Jai Gurudeva!

  25. Arnav says:

    Just read your Of the people, By the people, For the people article…Flawless,superbly written Bau….U have explained it so well that any person can easily understand it..well i would say u have like, caught a policeman accepting a bribe and saying “ha i caught you”..bare true and absolutely logical statistics with which you just stripped off the government off everything.JAI GURUDEVA

  26. Khyati says:

    Dear Bawa,

    As an Indian who moved out of the country 7 years ago, I still have a very idealistic picture of India in my heart. When I look at the alarmingly high percentage of sexual activity among youth here in the US, or the shallowness in relationships, or the high rate of broken marriages, etc etc – it gives me a sense of pride to think India has such great values in comparison.

    We all know what a tremendous impact movies have on the mindset of the youth. My opinion of the movie Dostana is that it makes certain things look very cool – like casual pre-marital sex, and gaping at a woman’s anatomy. Another few movies of this sort, and these things will start to spread roots in our society ( if they haven’t already?)?? What are your thoughts on this, Bawa? When I saw you had posted a review of this movie, I was hoping you would address this question. Would like to know your thoughts about this…

    Jai Guru Dev,

    • khurshed says:

      Movies like this will not have much impact if core values are in place. And with the internet, its very easy to watch stuff like this. So, not making such movies is not going to prevent what you are talking about. However, if values are valued, then no movie will really have much impact, coz it will be seen as just that… a movie

  27. Anshika says:

    The Mumbai Campaign article is really very nice !

  28. Meghana says:

    Jai Gurudeva Bau
    I am sure you will be the happiest person to know that the YES+ volunteers in Indore have been engaged in the voting campaign and till now, we have covered more than 1 lakh people in one-to-one. I am sure the voting percentage will be much higher this time. Even in the intro-talks(for the Utsav of Rajesh bhaiya), everyone is speaking for casting votes.

  29. Deepak says:

    oh my god, such a sweet pic :)[as usual :D]..
    by the way bau, we did all we could, but the voting percentage seemed to be low!. can you throw some light on it?

    • khurshed says:

      We need to teach Art of Living to many, many, many, many more people … Make the folks on the street more responsible … thats all

  30. Priya Ravi says:

    Dear Bawa

    Can you please let me know if there would be a yes++ in July. If you are planning to keep can you keep it between 15 July and 15 August.

  31. SK says:

    When is the uncensored version of Dostana comming out?


    Pleeeeeease dont delay on this.

  32. Aditi rawat says:

    dear bau,
    the article written by me on http://vnvyesplusteam.blogspot.com/ is my original piece. i had first written my top 10 reasons for voting in my personal blog here-
    http://wwwtransitoryphase.blogspot.com/ under the title “VOTE KAYKO.”
    more than anything bau, guruji knows the truth. he knows who is doing seva and who is PLAGIARIZING.
    jai guru dev!

  33. Varun says:

    Wow.. This is really an year of Virodhi!

  34. Anshika says:

    Gr8 pic ! Ty for it 🙂

  35. chakraborty says:

    In my opinion, the recent hoopla about urging people to vote is a fringe movement that happens to be solely an urban and elite phenomenon. It concerns only the yuppie Indians who have had shown appalling apathy towards Indian politics in the recent past. OVER THE PAST FEW DECADES THERE HAS BEEN A STEADY DECLINE IN THE VOTER TURNOUT AMONGST EDUCATED AND ELITE INDIANS. However this apathy is more starkly identified and reflected in metros where there is larger section of educated and elite Indians. In towns of India, the elite comprise a smaller section and hence their apathy goes unaddressed.

    MOST OF THE POOR AND RURAL INDIANS HAVE CONSISTENTLY VOTED IN LARGE PERCENTAGES over the last many elections and that has not dramatically decreased in the recent past. There is no clear sign of apathy amongst these sections. If ever, there has been an increase in their turnout, especially the poorest and lowest sections of the society. Dalits have been voting more than upper caste Hindus. The rural Indian has been voting more than the cities. Therefore these campaigns do not make sense to the poor and rural India.

    To address the widely held misconception that Indians are indifferent to voting in particular and politics in general. If we examine turnout levels in Lok Sabha elections from a global perspective, India is among the lower middle category. The global average of turnouts among electoral democracies in the post-war period is about 65 per cent. At 57 per cent, India is way behind the established democracies in Western Europe, but substantially ahead of the U.S. and most of South America.

    If we assume spurious names (of those dead, migrated or simply non-existent) make up 10 per cent of our electoral rolls, the real turnout figures would be at least five per cent higher. Now that the Election Commission has taken steps to prune the electoral rolls, there should be an improvement in the voter turnout this time, an increase that will put India close to the global average.

    Therefore, if we see a higher voter turnout in this year’s Lok Sabha elections, it may not be a result of these campaigns.

    IT IS A MYTH THAT VOTING IN LARGE NUMBERS IS SOMEHOW GOING TO BRING A CHANGE IN INDIA . We have been addressing the wrong side of the issue where the problem doesn’t even exist. The problem with Indian politics is not that the voting turnout has been low. THE PROBLEM WITH INDIAN POLITICS IS THAT WEDON’T HAVE GOOD CANDIDATES TO CHOOSE FROM. Indian politician is not accountable to the people who voted him into power. Indian politician does not pay the price for being dishonest, for lying, for cheating, and for lack of dignity or integrity. Indian voters can easily vote back the most degenerate candidate into power after knowing very well that he is a criminal, a rapist, a murderer, a cheater, and liar. What is the use of a heavy turnout if all candidates are equally bad? Voting in more numbers only increases the vote pool – VOTING DOESN’T AUTOMATICALLY CONVERT A BAD CANDIDATE INTO A GOOD ONE. Many dictatorships record 99% voter turnout, but that doesn’t change things for the people living there.

    India is not showing a decline in voter turnout. So why this hullabaloo?

    According to me, voting in more numbers is a feel-good factor that is being imposed on urban yuppie Indians making them feel they are part of the grand design called India, taking some credit for what’s happening in India, and also trying in their inadequate ways, just like talking about garbage but not actually doing anything about it, to wrest control of Indian politics so that their selfish and vested interests are served.

    Why a sudden realization and why this urge to vote amongst urban yuppie Indians?

    Over the last few decades, THE URBAN YUPPIE INDIANS HAVE REALIZED , WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT, THAT THEIR LIVES ARE INTERTWINED WITH THE REST OF INDIAt. They cannot escape into their islands of excellence and prosperity so easily. They need to come out of it for all their needs, when trying to get their kids into colleges, when trying to get SEZs for their businesses, trying to wrest sops and tax breaks for their industries, and even when trying to get a chauffer for the car or maid for the home, and so on. Indian yuppies have realized that they cannot do anything without bowing down to the imbecile, uneducated, uncouth and uncivilized politician who they have come to detest. Indian politician does not care for this software engineer, this businessman, this rich and elite Indian, because he gets his power from the masses, those very masses this yuppie Indian has been trying to distance himself from.

    INDIAN POLITICIAN IS MORE IN TUNE WITH REAL INDIA THAN YUPPIE INDIANS. That’s why these yuppie Indians don’t understand why and how reservations-based-on-caste came to be. They don’t understand why and how sops and incentives are given to farmers. While the yuppie Indians are trying hard to carve their islands of excellence and prosperity, Indian politician is the one who mesmerizes the Indian polity, the Indian rural, the Indian small towns, and he continues to benefit from their ignorance, their petty differences, and their prejudices to stay in power. The apathy of yuppie Indians has only made the situation good for the Indian politician. He doesn’t have to come to yuppie Indians to ask them what they want – he doesn’t need to because they don’t vote. He will just concentrate on his poor and rural vote bank. Doling out free coconuts or rice, dishing out free TVs, or giving free liquor, are different mechanisms politicians use to lure an Indian voter. A yuppie Indian can only look at this awful spectacle and not do anything about it.

    If you go to a small town in India, all the candidates are equally bad. Indian voters have to choose the candidate, not based on what the candidate can promise or achieve, not based on merit of candidate’s actions or achievements, not based on his stand on issues, but based on the party he represents, which party has doled out more incentives even if they are short term, which party represents their language, religion, caste, region, better. MOST INDIAN VOTERS ARE NOT INFLUENCED BY THE CANDIDATES CAPABLITIES OR COMPETENCE.

    Yuppie Indians who are used to corporate India, and who delude themselves into thinking that meritocracy is possible, where a ‘deserving’ candidate can be voted into power purely based on his achievements, qualifications, and degrees, do their part by campaigning and urging other yuppie Indians to come out and vote. That does not change anything because candidates are still the same. Only some metros field candidates like Captain Gopinath. They are an exception.

    The poor vote more than the rich, especially in urban areas. For the last four general elections, Dalits have voted more than upper caste Hindus. Ever since 1977, rural areas have recorded higher turnout than the cities.

    The recent attempt to come out and vote in huge numbers is not to change things for India. Not to influence India in a way. IT IS AN ATTEMPT BY THE YUPPIE INDIANS TO BE PART OF THE ACTIONS SO THAT THIS IMBECILE POLITICIAN CONCEDES THAT THAY ARE A VOTE BLOCK so that he would listen to their vested interests, so that they can finish up their islands of excellence and prosperity that got started few years ago.

    The current campaign is an attempt by yuppie Indians to play a role in achieving a modicum of political power which has gone out of their hands long ago. To do this, they do not stand for elections, but only raise voices to vote – which does not make sense. The real problem these campaigns are addressing is not to increase the total turnout, but to increase the turnout of other likeminded yuppie Indians to form a vote block (which is not a bad thing).

  36. Sunity says:

    i love Guruji!

  37. Sunity says:

    The picture is amazing and encourages a lot of people to do the right thing-VOTE!

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