Jan 3

A New Year’s Resolution and a bit of Gyan!

I will write at least 2 posts every month on this blog!

This is the first one for January 😉

When you hear bad news, don’t be too quick to believe it. It will usually not be as bad as it is made out to be. And by having faith in that news, your own energy gets linked to it giving it even more momentum…

Instead simply say ok, alright. And take a few breaths and wait for a bit before acting on it.

Normally, we want to act immediately on it and do so out of a very perturbed state of mind. Most times those actions prove to be disastrous… So, wait a bit when you hear bad news, don’t believe it in it’s entirety and quite often you will see that it doesn’t turn out to be as bad as it was made out to be in the first place.


Jan 3rd, the third day of 2014 is already upon us. Time goes so fast… This year focus on the great and the good. Move from success to success. Say I love you to those you love. Don’t say oh they know, no point telling them. Tell them anyways! Smile more and make others smile too.

If you can say you are a better human being tonight than you were in the morning then you are leading a charmed life!

A very Happy January 3rd!! 🙂

Jai  Guurdeva!



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