Jun 25


Got this mail from Suparna today…

Its 7:30 in the morning. I switch on my laptop, type out ‘bawandinesh.name‘ put on a kettle to boil, and go out to feed the cats. I return 5 mins later and am greeted thus:

mamma, what’s an orgasm?

me: huh?!

Urvi: Orgasm! orgasm! dont you know?

me: huh! baaahhh….where did you hear this?

Urvi: I read this! look…here!

Oh well! who was to know what darling bawa uncle was up to?!!! Now i know better than to leave the site unattended 🙂

that said, the dessert looks divine! am on my way to reduce 5 pounds so I can taste this without guilt 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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37 Responses to “Ahem!”

  1. Jeet says:

    hehe…. 🙂

  2. Amarja says:

    LoL!! Typical twist in the tale experience. Bau, can you put up a pic of this mother and daughter duo along with the post? I for one, would love to see them.

  3. Vijay says:

    Cool. Really funny.

  4. Achal Premi says:

    :)……I can only smile at this……bau what should a parent do in these kind of situations ?

  5. komal says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 that made me smile on a really cranky day that ive been having.. thank you Superna and Urvi .. and thank you Bawa…..JGD…

  6. Swati says:

    Enjoy your O2 darling bawa (uncle)!! :):)

  7. jaideep says:

    hahahahaha ——–:)

  8. Anshika says:

    Hahaha 🙂 🙂

  9. Juhi says:

    hehehehe 😀

  10. danno says:

    never leave bau’s unattended when u have small kids around 😉

  11. danno says:

    never leave bau’s site unattended when u have small kids around 😉

  12. ekta says:

    LOLL 🙂

  13. Abhijit says:

    hahahaha…lolz….i only hope the kid wont ask mamma for an Oral … for its birthday 😀

  14. Achal Premi says:

    :)……I can only smile at this……bau what should a parent do in these kind of situations ?
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  15. Parth says:

    you have made this up, right?
    just cause it’s thursday and you didnt fing another topic….:)

    This is just unbelievable…!

    Jai Gurudev

  16. vivek patil says:

    haha 😀 JGD!

  17. vidur says:

    Hi Bau…..
    jai gurudev… this one of the most funniest & tricky situations i have seen parents getting into… i didnt see that reply from suparna but reallllly want to know what it would have been…

    i also wanted to ask what do we do if we have a budget of 4500/- for 6 people who want to enjoy & have fun in about half a day with money well spent, 4 of them have not done the course & 1 dropped out in between of the course. i dont want to take them to any kind of seva which i know will be fun but they would take it as me promoting the course again nor do i want to go for movies as that is too easy & really not that much fun. i want to challenge myself as i would really like to see the childlike innocence each one of them have. Please reply & enlighten. Anyone with suggestion for this is welcome too.

    • Bawa says:

      Why not spend the money buying material for making something, maybe a complicated cake, or a model airplane or a challenging Lego set… everyone should do something and you can have munchies while people are at it. Also, do get yourself a new set of friends 🙂 No point hanging around with people who don’t enjoy Art of Living by choice 🙂
      Jai Gurudeva!

    • Suparna says:

      Hi Vidur,
      I told her the truth! That it was the name of a dessert 🙂
      In general I find that the best way to deal with such situations is to act as natural as possible. When she asks about babies (or how they happen)I don’t shut her up or give her the impression that its ‘taboo’ to ask such questions. Many a times kids have their own perfectly plausible theories. For e.g, Urvi knew from a very young age that babies happen inside mummies’ tummies. Her theory is that when mummy gets really hungry, and eats a LOT, the extra food makes the baby 🙂

      • jaideep says:

        Hi Suparna Didi,

        urvi is really very intelligent like Uncle bau. 🙂
        tell her Uncle jaideep is really proud of her 🙂


      • Nikhil says:

        Hahahah!! Thats so cute!! We all have had some notion or the other about baby births!! I used to consider it as a natural phenomenon..That once the girl is married, she gets a baby. Was confusing and far fetched but I stuck to that!! We should have a post about this bau!! Asking for people to tell their version of how they thought babies were born when they were kids.. 🙂 Earliest entry gets to have lunch with you!(Oops..I win!) 😛 Nevertheless, would be fun reading!

      • Bidisha says:

        Ahahahahah!!! Super smart kid!!!

  18. Meghana says:

    Jgd Bau
    hahahah! From where do you get such a great sense of humor?

  19. Renu says:

    Jgd Bawa,
    I’ve been reading your blog for past few months now. It came as an answer to my prayers to guruji.I had a baby girl few months back and was very happy with my long awaited motherhood(ofcourse guruji’s blessing)but then i started missing my long kriya follow ups and being in the art living gp and atmph which can be so uplifting and inspiring.So i started praying to guruji that do some magic so that i can have the best of both worlds.And thats it, someone forwaded a post from your blog. Since then i feel at home.
    Suparna i live in singapore feel free for any help required.

  20. Anshul says:

    Ahem Ahem!!

  21. Suparna says:

    Dear Renu,
    Congratulations on your motherhood!I will reach Sgp on the 8th of July. If you send me your contact details, I shall definitely get in touch with you. My email is: sue195chat@yahoo.com

  22. danno says:

    hi suparna di,

    ur daughter is a truely a darling…i was jus goin tru yours’ & urvi’s blog..and was amazed…she is so cute, intelligent and adorable …i also loved her stories 🙂

  23. Nikhil says:

    Bawa Uncle!! Bawa itself became a name eh! Hahahahahahaha

  24. Nikhil says:

    Forgot to mention..awesome post! 🙂

    Jai gurudev

  25. vishakha says:

    kewl background…!!!!!!

  26. Abhishek says:

    10-14th Sep key advance course mein Guruji honge kya?

    Jai Gurudev

  27. sailee says:


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