Aug 16

An Illusion?

It’s called the Magic Tap

It’s at Aqualand in Cadiz

Can you figure out how it works? Don’t spoil it for yourself by googling it 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!

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36 Responses to “An Illusion?”

  1. Varun Bokadia says:

    Hi Bawa,

    The trick is from where the tap is mounted…. It is mounted with a pipe (dia less than the water flow shown) the pipe pumps the water into the tap and from the same side again the water comes out forming a bigger flow (which is a illusion) the flowing water covers the pipe…..

    Varun Bokadia.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A pipe runs through the water and water also runs through the pipe 🙂

  3. annam says:

    a pipe must be set up from bottom into the tap mouth and water flows from that pipe downwards giving a illusion.

  4. rupal says:

    there is a similar one in Ahmedabad…
    secret is the water… :):):)

  5. nitish chhabra says:

    jai gurudev bawa…
    i think i figured out its working..
    its basically an arrangement having a vertical transparent pipe with a diameter less than that of the mouth of the tap..
    the motor(hidden somewhere) pumps up the water and then it gets out through the upper opening of the pipe which is just near the opening of the tap giving it an illusion..
    is that right..?
    or are there any hidden meanings to this..? 🙂

  6. Kuldeep says:

    Yes Ofcourse Bawa/….

    the water that we see which is pouring from the tap is actually
    one way flow…
    the pipe is Camouflaged because of the extremely high flow rate of the water.
    water goes up thru the pipe and there is an opening inside the tap…
    wat say !!!!

  7. Anand Jage says:

    works from hollow and empty space?? 🙂
    I think water is pumped up through pipe that runs inside the flow.. the same is blocked & redirected downwards giving it an illusion like

  8. Vishal says:

    read the comments ..
    i had to say a similar thing .. 🙂

    also .. the tap seems to be hanging .. but is actually an extention of the pipe itself .. and is supported by the pipe or a adjacent rod ..

  9. monika says:

    Hi Bawa,

    There are 2 questions. 1. How is it supported? 2. How is the water supplied?
    I think so the key is the tap outlet. Now the water which we see flowing is very wide. So something can be hidden within it and it can be barely noticeable since the water is always flowing. A high yield steel tube supports the tapform (imagine a lamp post). It also performs the function of a pipe. A pump forces water at the base of the fountain into the pipe so that it released at the top with pressure. A perforated steelplate hidden at the base of the tap helps water spread in all direction and gives it the volume also.
    After I wrote this I checked the 5 comments listed. Everyone has written the same thing.

    Jai Gurudev

  10. PRANAY says:

    in banglore thrs a new filmcity whic has been inaugrated recntly….evn thr u will find d same TAP at ripleys believe or not section….

  11. Jyuthika says:

    Another pipe smaller in diameter to the main pipe must be there which gets hidden due to the downward flow of water. that hidden pipe actually pumps the water from the pool and the same water comes out of the main pipe.. creating an illusion as in the picture which you have displayed!

    Ohk.. that was just a guess.. I really dont know the exact mechanism.. May be I am right because the answers above mine are kinda similar.. 😛

    hehehe That was fun!..

    Jai Gurudeva! 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    What you pump in is what flows out..tap is an it the fountain of love bawa? 🙂

  13. aparna says:

    googling it? May be we would scour it 😛

    same answer as above! But i still dont really get the “pipe” thingy


  14. Anonymous says:

    simple logic!! and how dumb of me i realised it only after reading the previous comments..

  15. Abhi says:

    figured it out.
    you open the tap and the water flows.

    why would i google that 🙂

  16. bonheur says:

    the inlet and the outlet of water are the same; the tap is upheld by the pipe which supplies it with water 🙂
    cool thing this one 🙂
    Jai Gurudeva 🙂

  17. Monica says:

    the stream of water is not hollow and empty but hidden in it is the source and support of its existence.
    inlet and outlet of water is the same.
    yahi baat hai na Bawa ;D
    Jai Gurudeva 🙂

  18. iyer-the-gr8 says:

    For all the intelligence in me (even “Scouring”), I could not figure it out. But reading the comments alone masde me go “O-Ho …”… you should have probely hidden the comments till everyone had answered.


  19. Srivi says:

    is there some pipe that holds that pipe from the water flowing end?Just guessing…don’t blame me for my non-science background..

  20. Anupam Gupta says:

    hehe…i guess everyone pretty much figured it out ….yeah clever lil illusion dis one…but pretty easy to understand…

    Jai Gurudev

  21. Kanasu Nagathihalli says:

    couldn figure it out and googled it. Hee hee

  22. Shubham says:

    wow…it beautiful… amazing idea…..

  23. Deep says:


    There is rod from openning of tap to bottom.

    This was there in SURAT Bawa ………….. the city of Shivratri Magic

  24. parth says:

    same is there in ahmedabad (Nr,Law Garden),It’s just a pipe…

  25. Abhay Karnataki says:

    yahoo! Got it! without googling or reading the comments! wow, nice idea! 🙂
    Bau, more such “illusions” and puzzles please!

  26. mandar says:

    ya i hav seen d same thing in Maharashtra wen d tap was out of water

  27. Anonymous says:

    Dear Bawa

    There is similar one in Bhuj (Kutch) also.

    Jai Gurudev


  28. Harsh says:

    This is brilliant… I loved the creativity.

  29. Sonia says:

    For all the smart ones baove who figured it out , COLUD IF HAVE ONE LIKE THIS IN MUMBAI TOO ???

  30. Dinesh says:

    I think its pretty simple 🙂 a transparent pipe goes up fromt he flow of the water support the whole system and then the water gush out with such a force that it cover the whole diameter as well as the supporting pipe carrying the water in 🙂 wat do u say bawa 🙂
    jai gurudev

  31. Anonymous says:

    u can find this type of tap in Ahmedabad at LAW GARDEN circle.

  32. Manish Panchmatia says:


    Catching up with old blogs, after returning from native.

    Yes I too saw it at Ahmedabad. And if I am not wrong, I saw it at Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore also.


  33. ananya says:

    Its very ingenious and quite simple:) The flowing water conceals a comparatively thinner transparent pipe within through which water flows up, theres one in the ripley’s museum in thailand as well:)

  34. Prashant says:

    the water tub isn’t overflowing. also there is no arrangement to regularly collect overflowing water.water is shown with sufficient force here.

    there couldnt be a sink, because the tub is just filled to the brim and, maintaining that same level of water would then be difficult.

    this is testimony enough that the popular answer here is correct.

    though there are other possibilities, but those have low probability.


    1) no real water is actually there, this is just an illusively made structure.

    2) camera and display combination is used for the illusive see through effect.


  35. Sree says:

    Good one.. The magic will reveal itself in a few years from now, unless we save water.


  36. Nimesh Jhawar says:

    I guess this is a statue with the flowing water being the pillar
    Jai Gurudev

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