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An Interaction

Hi bau,

I have been a regular reader of this blog, albeit anonymous:), for quite a while now.I have done the AOL courses and trying my bit in getting more people to gain the same knowledge/happiness in this part of the world.

Can you post your views, on Guruji’s take on MF hussain? I saw the video and was slightly taken aback by the tone, which is so uncharacteristic of Him. Guruji has taught the world that “even in a hardened criminal,there’s a victim crying for help .”

So for an all embracing, compassionate, noble soul, shouldn’t an artist’s indiscretion been inconsequential?

Guruji (and me) dont approve hypocrisy… and the taking advantage of a tolerant, forgiving, accepting people… a cartoon created death sentences.

His paintings showing India insulted, the deities worshiped by about 20% of the world’s population disfigured which is no less a sacrilege than what was done to the ancient temples by people like auranzeb… or what was done to the Bamyana Buddha statues a while ago… its not an artist’s indiscretion as you so mildly put it, its an act of pure terrorism using the gentle medium of art. Its an assault on all we hold dear and sacred…

While having a soft stance on things, we shouldn’t go soft in our heads as well… We need to be able to recognize a threat where there is one

Like Guruji said, let mr. hussain go and paint stuff even remotely against Islam and then lets see how long his qatari citizenship remains!

This guy is clearly anti India, and and so all my blessings to him to go and stay in qatar! :)

he will not be missed…

Jai Gurudeva!



ps If you want to read up more about how much exactly this guy has tried to harm India through his art, i read a nice article here … I may not subscribe to other stuff on that website (i have not read any of it), it’s just one of the first few that google threw up when i searched, and i really dont have the time to read more 🙂

pps Rashmin has been uncharacteristically vociferous about this whole thing, you can read his views here

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53 Responses to “An Interaction”

  1. Pothi says:

    True. Wish someone like Guruji has spoken on this issue as well.

    Jai guru dev!

  2. Vishu Khandelwal says:

    Jai Gurudev,

    Persons like Hussain should be punished in the way the people are punished in Saudi Arab…He should be tied on a circle and everyone passing by should give him a tight slap on both his cheeks…

    • Pranay Gangwal says:

      Jai gurudev!!
      All my art of living family members, Showing your objection towards the injustice done by Indian government by favoring M.F.Hussain is very correct, but dont get violent on this topic that M.F. Hussain is psychologically ill and he must be asked to stop showing is vulgar thoughts, feeling of hatred towards Hindu’s and the thoughts which harm feelings of others on the canvas!! he should be punished by the artists all over the world for using his art to show hatred towards other!!
      Unite to protest against him!!
      but dont turn into what ppl like him are trying to make u, we are Guruji’s children so no violence ……. whenever you lose your temper !!
      Meditate !!
      Ek lambi sas ander or fir bahar!!
      P.S. but than dont take it lightly too

  3. Shrinivas D Deshmukh says:

    This person (MF Hussain) is disgusting I think people in india who had purchased his painting should post them back to qutar including painting’s of Madhuri Dixit Also all painting showing disrespect to indian culture should be destroyed immediately.


  4. Saket Kakkar says:

    Truly, Guruji’s statement on this is an eye opener for everyone. It is notable that the media was making Indians feel guilty over the fact that “such a great artist” is leaving the country, because we have filed PILs against him (which is our basic right, as per law).

    The media clearly seems to be biased towards specific religions. Hindus can be bashed at any time (and must feel guilty, if they protest – like the case of MF Hussain). However, the rules are not the same, if there is similar art/literature created that hurts other religions. All religions must be respected, and if Mr Hussain would like to paint something that he considers art, then that must be done without hurting other religions.

    Guruji’s statement is important because it makes us realize that we have done nothing wrong in standing against the work that has been done by MF Hussain. In fact, MF Hussain should not have been allowed to leave the country. He should be (a) called back (b) tried under Indian law, and (c) punished for his misdeeds, if found unlawful. Only then should he be allowed to leave the country. Technically, if he runs away before steps (a), (b) and (c), he is a fugitive of law – and should be dealt with accordingly.

    Saket Kakkar

  5. Deepak says:

    Dear Bawa,

    I was really happy to watch and See Guruji’s and your comment on this.

    I was really sad when I saw article in the website. When we are tollerent these guys will do whatever they want/like. Its really unacceptable.



  6. Deepak says:

    Here we go. Sorry it was the same article what you have also attached. Its real shame of him !!!

  7. Priya says:

    Hi Bawa,
    I dont know if someone actually wrote a mail to you with that query or you happened to visit Rashmin’s blog and read my comments and chose to respond but the above words are exactly the ones I wrote on Rashmin’s blog post on M.F.Husain.

    Anyway, what can I say about branding a 95 year old artist as a terrorist? About passing judgements in 2010 for paintings done in 1970s? of booting out an artist after conferring on him the Padma Shree, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan?

    As for taking a stance on things, we have innumerable real grave issues in this country to take a stance on.The issue of commercialization of GM crops for instance which many like me are trying to prevent as it threatens the nation’s food security and livelihoods of our farmers.I was thrilled the day Guruji spoke out against this.I wish ABC had released a video of that and circulated it so that thousands would have come together and put a pressure on the government! There is a bill(BRAI) with draconian clauses slated to be tabled in parliament which will allow entry of such crops.Is the average person aware that the food on his plate can get posionous & we have already lost more than 2 lakh farmers to suicide in recent years & we need to do something about it?
    We are unable to even protect the modesty of our women from sleazy ‘godmen’ in this country so its ridiculous to be raging a tirade against an artist!
    Jai Guru Dev!

    • Bawa says:

      ummm … just fyi, “sleazy” godmen exist in all countries, and all religions, though its quite strange that our media tends to cover only sleazy hindu godmen … check out this link for example, … no one has seen this kind of thing on any Indian news channel or on the front page of any newspaper either …

      It doesnt mean that we shouldn’t pass judgements on the said 95 year old artist. Even if he painted those pics in 1970. on the same vien you may want to say that we shouldnt try that guy who got caught in 26/11 when we finally get around to it, because that crime was committed sooooo many years ago

      though i utterly totally agree about taking a tough stance on gm crops, etc

      Jai Gurudeva!
      ps if you want any support from this blog about fighting gm food, please let me know what dinesh and i can do about it…

      • Priya says:

        I am aware of these unfortunate and condemnable incidents in kerela and elsewhere…someone I know made a documentary on the age old practices of exploitation of ‘Devdasis’ in south Indian temples but could never get it released(I’m a South Indian hindu with a convent education so I look at both with an equal eye).Every religion needs to look within and get its act together.

        Also,not just 26/11,I’m all for punishing anyone who directly or directly was involved in the killings of innocents in our country,whether it happens to be someone from across the border or within it!

        Thank you for extending support on the GM issue.I shall send a separate mail on this.I’m involved in campaigns with ‘Greenpeace’;the easiest way to garner support would be through online petitions which are delivered to the concerned ministry.
        Jai Guru Dev!

  8. Harish says:

    Time to pick the danda..
    We wont Miss u MF Hussain.. Im with guruji.. challenge him to draw Prophet mohd in the pure form of art as per MFH 😛

  9. Vinod says:

    Dear Bau,
    You are absolutely right!
    Even in Rashmin Bhaiya’s blog, saw many people asking for clarification about this.
    It’s alarming that the ‘pseudo-secularits’ or the so called ‘intellectual elite’ in Indian media has successfully able to defend this artists atrocities which is no less than an absolute act of terrorism. Kind of soft terror..
    So we every Indian whether Hindu or non-Hindu who is against terrorism should express their opinion understanding this fact.
    Love and jgd

  10. Gaurav says:

    Perfect ! we understand this…so must the art market an the artist community, and ban such hypocrites….because this Mr Hussain is immune to criticism already..only boycotting him actively throughout the art community can restore his sensitivity back to him.
    Even in art, there is such strong perversion…tells us even art has become corrupt today.

    • Bawa says:

      i guess art is all a matter of choice at least to the final buyer… But, as an artist, i would like to go down in History as a person who made millions of people happy instead of being remembered as a person who managed to piss off (almost) all the people in an entire country 🙂
      Jai Gurudeva!

  11. Anand says:

    Apt.. very apt.. almost put my point of view.. No more of hypocrisy. half the damage to this country was done by politicians and now the so called social elite media who keep bashing majority sentiments and justfy minority violence!!!

    I know the question has come from Rashmins blog commentor..
    There is difference between tolerance and weakness. Acceptance doesnt mean being passive. Look what passive acceptance has done to this country in last millenium!!!
    Social elites have terrible hang over from previous night out before they walk into studios for debates. My sincere request to the questioner not to subscribe to these views..
    As far as Gurujis view, all i know is that there is a concern in Gurujis tone rather than anger.. If the person who has asked this question senses some anger in his tone then you should understand the magnanimity of Hussains blunder.. Guruji wont get angry at anyone unless the person has unrepentant attitude of causing harm to others!!!!

  12. Abhinand says:

    Why do people call him an artist anyway?
    Husain has some nerve :X He will not be missed.

    • Bawa says:

      i was wondering when someone would say that… so i could agree with them 🙂
      dont know enough about art to comment, but at the risk of showing off my woeful ignorance, those paintings suck big time, a feeling that a gifted 10 year old could do much better keeps coming to me … i am sure i am wrong, but i am also sure there is at least one more like me 🙂
      Jai Gurudeva!

  13. Anusha says:

    I think Guruji saids it in the most elegant way.

    Also just because Gurudev is not being politically correct does not mean he is not compassionate for MFH..I am sure Guruji does not harbor any ill feelings for MFH..

    Also Guruji does not ask MFH to leave India..He clearly says it is unfortunate that MFH decided to leave India..

    Just because we accept that negative exists in the world does not mean that we allow negative to flourish..

  14. Gaurav says:

    well said Bau/Guruji…never thought in those lines…i always thought Hindus are geting fanatics/intolerant…hmm…JGD

  15. Vinay Subrahmanya says:

    Yes bau! true…
    My blood boils whenever i see injustice meted out to Hindus in the name of secularism?
    Everybody speaks about the so called genocide in Gujarat but not even a single soul remembers that a community called the Kashmiri pandits do exist..
    There is brouhaha when a mediocre writer Taslima Nasreen questions the use of Burqa but nobody has the guts to protest a bigot by the name of MF Hussain….
    I am pained whenever i see these injustice meted out to us…

    Bau, will this ever change?

  16. Rajdeep says:

    Its true that Hinduism is a religion with lots of acceptance but it shouldn’t mean that it approve hypocrisy.
    Jai Gurudev.

  17. Wow !! Guruji has spoken so well and presented such valid points !!!
    I agree to both of you …but no point discussing about Indianess of MF now ..just checked the wikipedia and it says ‘Indian born Quatarian artist’
    also his official website is forbidden..that means ..India has already thankfully bid bye to him and I guess many are happy with it !

  18. Anant says:

    Pothi plz check the for “THE VIDEO” in blue and click on it you will get what guruji has said on this.. is another article by a practicing christian lady on the same…

    Bawa the media these days specially CNN-IBN & NDTV and also many others are so obsessed with “SECULARISM” and have become so anti-hindu…there is a discussion on these channels whether kumbh mela is just a show and never on any one of sseveral other known ridiculous practices in the western religions .. I wonder what pleasure these people in media get in degrading the values & culture of the land they are born in..Unfortunately many urban youth who watch these news channels consider these anchors as theirs & country’s icons …
    The media is responsible for slow poisoning of the minds of the people of the country with their SECULAR agenda and making people specially youngsters doubting & looking down at our own culture..

    Reaching out our courses to as many people of the country including the Secular Media
    seems to be the only true remedy for this..along with spreading awareness regarding the true agenda of media in spreading so called secular values..
    What do you have to say on this Bawa?

  19. Sunil Gulabani says:

    He has a painting of Saraswati copulating with a lion. One’s sexual orientation is each one’s business I suppose. But he captioned it as Saraswati. This is the problem. why use Saraswati and Sita for his perverted expressions? Use Fatima and watch the consequence. Let the media people come to his rescue then.

  20. Pratik says:

    With all due respect I have question for you Bawa. Are you supporting in any way what Hindu fundamentalist did to M F Hussain? Do you encourage this type of acts instead of going to judiciary because your article is a indication of that? By the way you forgot to mention that he apologized for hurting any sentiments in his website. Do you believe what shiv sena is doing to SRK is right too?? Sorry by askiing these questions I want to say I disagree with you sir. We are good people as everyone else. If we are hurt we go to court. Enough hatred is already between Hindu Muslims in India. Lets not help it grow. I hope your article meant to spread awareness but that’s not people perceive and we get forwards like ”Lets punish MF hussain” instead of “Lets help Hinduism grow as a culture not by number”

    • Bawa says:

      What the Sena did for SRK was a big favour, an otherwise borrrring movie got a lot of publicity 🙂
      If Mr. Hussain apologized, it was not loud enough … almost like pak’s “apology” (was there one? i forget) after 26/11
      i firmly stand by what Guruji said … by not raising our voice against an atrocity we are party to that atrocity … you can sit around and do that, not me!
      Jai Gurudeva!

  21. Amarja says:

    It’s quite interesting to note the support that is extended to the so called ‘artistic’ genius of Mr. Hussain. I would like to pose only one question to these supporters – a painting of Lakshmi or Saraswati by Ravi Verma exudes divinity and can ‘possibly’ be put in your pooja room. would you in all your support of Mr. Hussain put his painting of either lakshmi or saraswati in your pooja? This is not the first ‘indiscretion’ that can be attributed to him. If an artist’s intention is creative expression, he/she should be aware of the sensitivities in the environment he/she works in. Blind support in the name of secularism is not the best way to address any issue.

  22. anon says:

    Some idiots know what he painted in 1970… but they dont know anything about his stunts during 1980s and 1990s.. how very impressive their knowledge is…and such petriotism n feelings of religious equality …kudos to such intelligent ppl

  23. Avish says:

    Jai Ho ! Guru G 🙂
    Dearest Bawa,
    jes when I was thinkin what/How to Think bout the whole thing … Yer post was an insight. It reflected some things that came to my mind too Then n Now ! I am jes unsure bout One thing though, supposin MF Hussian was was being ” himself ” n taking an artists freedom/imagination n depicting God’s form from every religion in ” His ” way in all innocence … wud it be okay !? I mean, It wudn’t happen that way, bcoz he wud probably be dead bcoz everyone don’t have the non violent approach if their ” feelings/sentiments ” were hurt … but I jes wonder at times what to make out of the Man n also bout Swami Nithyananda too . I mean what / how much is true n what isn’t !?
    Left a response to your previous post bout a little/ minor editing that could be done in Your introuduction ” About Us ” in freshers’ world and also to Kasturi’s Shinde’s question as to how Feedback could be left on that site .

  24. NK says:

    Hi Bawa – Are not all deities carved nude outside of some hindu temples? is not that part of hinduism?
    And as Avish said, i just wonder how to take that perspective – how much is true n what isn’t ? And is hate really Hussain’s intention?
    I was surprised to read about Swami Nithyananda yesterday. It is all legal on what he did but he is said to be enlightened master – and his interest should have been to direct minds of others to divine love and not be slave of senses. I think I have heard from Guruji that once you are enlightened that state of mind/awareness never leaves you. (it seems either Nithyanand was not enlightened OR you have to keep working on your enlightened awareness also so that mind does not take over)

  25. Sameer says:

    I am really happy that guruji took a stance on this issue…I was really surprised and happpy the way guruji commented on the whole issue…..he is very strict,crisp and clear in his comments no one can argue that becoz what he spoke is 100% truth -:) ….Also bau what M.F.Hussain is doing is definitely “Cultural Terrorism”, we should definitely respect hussain as artist but not what he has done as artist….. I hope guruji takes tougher stand on (biased) media on one of these coming days….
    phir toh maja aa jayega 🙂 Love you guruji… you bua and DB

    jai gurudeva,

  26. AJ says:

    I always thought that God(s) (Hindu, Islamic, Christian or Otherwise ) would be too great by definition to get perturbed by their (incorrect) representations. May be human devotion and belief in them or him/her is not so. If one is angered by somebody else defiling/questioning his or her faith, then maybe its not strong enough.

    • Saurabh says:

      People like me who pray regularly to these deities, will feel insulted if their Gods are shown in a negative light. We cannot expect enlightened behavior from the masses. MF Hussain’s intentions are very clear… to show his religion in a better light than Hinduism. The sad part is not MFH and others insulting Hinduism, but the sad part is that so many Hindus are indifferent to attacks against their religion… and are still harping the Vote Bank Tune of the so called secular parties. As of now the minds of the majority is heavily controlled by the Mass Media, which is controlled by the Government, the Government is again in turned controlled by money loaded companies from all over the world … all seems so connected.. If someone you love is shown in a negative light then surely one’s blood will boil… its something very natural to somebody who is a devotee but not fully enlightened….. Guruji is just expressing His concern regarding this indifference towards one’s religion, I am sure He will not be affected personally by these issues.. Jai Guru Dev

  27. Avinash says:

    well said Bau… even reading the comments was an ultimate experience!!! 🙂 Jhak Jhak Jhakaaaas

    Bolain to questioning Guruji’s vani, this questioning guy or girl has gone nuts or what???…Jai baat hazam na howay….needs hajmola :)…..

    Jai Gurudeva

  28. Ruchi says:

    Hi All!
    In India we love easy targets and who better than a 95 year old man?When a train is late they bash up the driver when a road accident happens passing vehicles are stoned,when a rape takes place the character of the woman is questioned,and after dutifully showing their anger the people return to their daily grind how convenient,dont u think we are very immature to be called a Democracy because it does not exist in our mindset.

  29. Taher says:

    I would like to know what else mr Hussain shld do after apologizing for the mistake he committed. I thought AOL stands 4 seeing divinity in a devil and I dont think MFH is that bad a person ( I am not subscribing to his work related to god and goddesses) but still he is one of the finest artist of our century and we shld respect him for that he has brought lot of laurels to our country. Cant we just forgive and forget instead of stretching this matter like a rubber band and what s the analogy btw gujrat riots and kashmir pandits both are heinous crimes and shld be condemned or is it right that if atrocities are done on Kashmir pandits then what has been done in gujrat is also right. I would like to know ur opinion abt tht.

  30. Siddharth says:

    Shame our news channels such as NDTV, IBN conducted a debate that he should be called back to India !

    Let him paint a cartoon of Prophet and see where he goes from Qatar .. straight to the burial grounds.

    I saw this insane character once at the Taj, bare feet .. feel like cutting his nuts off!

  31. ameya paranjape says:

    having read the article and following the links that you had provided i would have to say i disagree with all this anti hussain reactions that have taken place. the main problem that people have with the paintings is the nudity.

    one the link provided in this article a comparison has been made between the paintings of raja ravi verma and m f hussain and it has been shown how the latter degrades hindu gods by showing nudity while the former draws in a way that presents divinity. this comparison is funny because raja ravi verma was one of the first artists of modern times who dared to draw nude women and was thus considered pretty controversial. the women who posed for his paintings were essentially sex workers a job that even today is frowed upon by society.

    people say that hussain should have had some sense while drawing these paintings and should have realized that it would hurt the sentiments of people. would these same people say that copernicus should not have proposed his theory of earth revolving around the sun since during those times it hurt the sentiments of many people living in those times.

    as the famous quote goes “i may disagree with what you say but i will defend till death your right to say it”.

  32. Rahul says:

    It is sad to see the empathy being shown by the media and the elite of our society towards M.F. Hussain. Salman Rushdie quoted in at “India Today Conclave 2010″…

    “An artists duty is to explore the universe. Indian culture had been the beacon of diversity and open mindedness since time immemorial. I fear that by mistreating Mr Hussain’s work we are damaging the great Indian heritage.”(To read the exact thing, please go through India Today – 25th march 2010.)

    Open-mindedness as per me is often misinterpreted by the anti-social elements as a license to to see their damaging thoughts. They know that their are thoughts against the well being of the society hence they distinguish themselves from the common man; through the concept of open mindedness. I feel India’s open-mindedness has been taken for granted and guruji has rightly asked us to awaken to the things happening in the society. Animal-human sex is the worst act of creativity mankind can come up with.

  33. Rahul says:

    It is sad to see the empathy being shown by the media and the elite of our society towards M.F. Hussain. Salman Rushdie quoted in at “India Today Conclave 2010?…
    “An artists duty is to explore the universe. Indian culture had been the beacon of diversity and open mindedness since time immemorial. I fear that by mistreating Mr Hussain’s work we are damaging the great Indian heritage.”(To read the exact thing, please go through India Today – 25th march 2010.)
    Open-mindedness as per me is often misinterpreted by the anti-social elements as a license to to sell their damaging thoughts. They know that their thoughts are against the well being of the society hence they distinguish themselves from the common man; through the concept of open mindedness. I feel India’s open-mindedness has been taken for granted and guruji has rightly asked us to awaken to the things happening in the society. Animal-human sex is the worst act of creativity mankind can come up with

  34. varun goel says:

    well i had not seen the video nor i knew that guruji had commented….but after reading all the comments i did check out the video.
    i dont think guruji was rude at all. if this is what u call rude or aggresive then you havent seen aggression for sure.guruji was gentle and he put forward the issue in the best way possible. i am not wise enough to make a statement if m f hussain did was right or wrong. just personally i hated it. i personally would burn it.
    what i feel bad is, and which i would protest is, people saying that guruji was aggresive. he is a gentle being. he never said anything bad about mf. he only criticized the paintings. and seriously bau. in answering to all the stupid questions, your answers became aggressive. people just want to say stuff about guruji. i dont know why. it is not accepted.

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