Jun 25

At Times

Khushi had a bike accident and broke her leg in awkward places. There was a long operation and now she is having an even longer recovery period. She calls me up now and then complaining about the excruciating pain that physio therapy causes her. She loves dancing and all I tell her is to remember how it feels to dance and just go through the pain… The last phone call she was a lot more chirpy, I think finally she is feeling much better.

She had written this poem. She said it was a childish attempt. But like a child, it has a sweet charm all of it’s own. Here it is for all of you to read 🙂

At times

 At times I’m merry

Everything around me so cheery


At times I’m sad

And my mood is really bad


At times I’m bizarre

Whatever happens I don’t care


At times I’m haughty

And at others I’m naughty



At times I wonder

Why do I have so many questions to ponder?


At times I feel empty inside

And I wish God would be on my side


At times I want my life to be pleasant like a song

But something here and there keeps going wrong


At times I’m really confused

And my mind gets almost fused


At times I want to fly

And just touch the silver sky


At times I question “why me?”

And what went wrong I’m unable to see


At times I spend a lot

And I wonder whether I’ll earn that much or not?


At times I cry

Wondering why people don’t give understanding me a try?


At times I’m with Santa, in my fairy land

In those blue skies, green fields and the beaches near the lovely sand


At times at the top of my lungs I want to shout

At others I just laugh, sing, dance and generally move about



At times I really miss my mom

And my heart yearns for things to be normal back home


But in the end I think it’s not just me

There are times when you’ve all felt just like me


There may have been times when I was sad or in doubt

But I really really REALLY love the way my life has turned out


– Khushpinder Kaur Sangha


Jai Gurudeva!



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