Aug 23

Being Content

How to be content?

If you are not content, it means you have some unfulfilled desires. Right?

Do you have the faith that these desires will be fulfilled? If you do, then there is no problem, your mind will become calm and contentment will dawn.

For many people this is not the case. They have so many unfulfilled desires and have absolutely no faith that these will be realised. In this case, you have to learn to drop these desires. You are going to die. What difference is it going to make, if a particular desire is fulfilled or not?! If you can take your mind to this place, you are done. The remembrance of your own mortality will calm your mind and you will instantly start to appreciate what you have in life and contentment comes to you.


If you can’t even do this – well then, Pray. A sincere prayer is definitely answered. It’s quite amazing to know that unfulfilled desires can lead you to prayer and surrender to the Divine!

Pray, work for whatever it is you desire, and wait, and know that your desires and you yourself will be taken care of.

If you see any of the Gods in the Hindu pantheon, you will see that they have many arms. One of these arms is usually held up, with palm facing outwards, another held down and blessings coming out of it. Ever wondered what it means?!

It means – Wait, Wait … It’s coming to you… Wait, Wait … I am giving!

Ask, Pray, Work, Wait.

Don’t forget to Smile!

Jai Gurudeva!



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14 Responses to “Being Content”

  1. tanvi says:

    Superb!! Very beautifully explained in so simple words…

  2. jagdish chotalia says:

    Dear Bawaji,
    In spite of try..wishes incress.hiden desire not ready to leave N forget
    What to Do?

  3. shaalu tomar says:

    I know we are going to die but that does mean that we will allow everything to go. Even I won’t to be happy . I won’t that my desires to get fulfilled But I can not ask for God. Because I don’t want to be selfish. I can’t ask for my own.

  4. Rahul Jaiswal says:

    Lovely Post bau…you r the inspiration…keep sharing

  5. Chehack says:

    Help me to want what I have

  6. mauly says:

    are they receiving all communication?

  7. Arun Kumar says:

    Dear Bawa,

    Just want to know out of curiosity that what has left for you to attain in life. As we can see You have done a lot of seva and done a lot of meditation. so what next?

  8. Bhanuja says:

    Simple thought, yet provoking everytime !

  9. Pallavi Chandrasekhar says:

    Amazing bau! I was praying for a job. But I think I’ll just surrender, smilw and be happy. I want be just like you, Dinesh Bhaiya and our beloved Gurudev! 😀

  10. Pallavi Chandrasekhar says:


  11. hrishikesh kuite says:

    the remembrance of mortality works amazingly.
    its so easy,
    and so so effective.

  12. Sathya says:

    So very true, so very nice, fell so happy and awesome reading this!!!!!

  13. Manjeet Singh says:

    Its so easy to apply …!! fully logical as well spiritual. Thanks Bawa …!!

  14. Amit says:

    Awesome Article. Thanks Bqwa 🙂

    Ask, Pray, Work, Wait.

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