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Aug 18

Nice People – Switzerland

We were on board the beautiful Golden Pass trains in Switzerland to get to Gstaad from Milan and everything was so beautiful, that i almost forgot about the pain in the ankle. Was reading a book by Guruji, He was saying “What is that which propels our mind towards the senses and the senses towards […]

Aug 11

Nice People – Berlin and Venice

Berlin was fantastic, the World Culture Festival rocked… There are videos and photos and write ups and stories all over the place, so won’t say much about that… except that it was REALLY fabulous! 🙂 Dinesh and i can now claim that we performed at the Olmpic Stadium in Berlin! We were part of the […]

Apr 28

What have we been up to?!

These last few weeks have been both utterly relaxing and super hectic! Guruji was not (physically) in the ashram for almost 7 weeks. Satsang tends to drag a bit… well, a lot when He is not here, and between dinesh, me, kashi and girin, we decided to do something about it… and we did! We […]

Dec 23

A Navjot, an Anniversary and 2 Birthdays

December 6th and 7th were very special days this year… Prama Bhabhi and Ranji Bhai celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the ashram. When someone asked Prama bhabhi what the secret of their beautiful, long marriage was, she very seriously replied, oh we fight everyday! 🙂 Guruji met the happy couple and gave them His […]

Nov 4

Birthday Gifts – II

Dinesh wrote me a poem… I had the idea of having a Birthday Video made for him… Watch and enjoy 🙂 … … The trampoline that he is jumping on at the end of the video is my gift to him! Watch on youtube Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

Oct 28

Birthday Gifts – I

This year there definitely was a lot of celebration on both our birthdays. Dinesh was just out of typhoid on the eve of my birthday, his IV was removed on the 21st. As a birthday gift to me, he wrote me this poem that i was not allowed to edit at all (so i just […]

Sep 23

Fever – Epilogue

One night when Bawa was staying in the hospital, he woke up thirsty in the middle of the night. One thing for Bawa that lies on that razor line between preference and boundary (basically he hates to hate it, but he does anyways) is coconut water. And another thing he doesn’t like is to drink […]

Sep 16

Knowledge from a Fever

A lot of Knowledge got reinforced again and again. Pain is inevitable, so is the gain. I felt I gained quite a bit of wisdom. I deeply realized the complementariness of opposite values. The fever made me appreciate the value of good health and energy. One walk around the floor would leave me drained and I […]

Sep 9

Fever and Me

Narayana Hrudyalaya turned out to be a group of many multi specialty hospitals in one compound sharing many common services. They took me to a beautiful, white building called the Mazumdar-Shaw Cancer Centre, which is part of the complex. Besides cancer it is also a multi specialty hospital, treating a variety of diseases and has […]

Sep 2

Fever – The Prelude

Bau was at his hilarious and mesmerizing best at the Guru Poornima Satsang in Mumbai and the next day at the crack of dawn we were on the picturesque train ride to Pune with most eye catching greenery and scintillating waterfalls. One of  the world’s first train routes and it is quite interesting to note […]

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