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Feb 8


Guruji was arriving in Bangalore at 9:30 pm. Our flight to Goa was at 4:30 pm. What horrible timing! We grudgingly left Bangalore ashram for the airport, hoping that maybe our flight would get delayed or some other such miracle. Didn’t happen. As we boarded the aircraft, we realized that it was the ATR. Possibly […]

Jan 7

News from the Winter Break 2009-10

Winter Break 2009-10 was the best YES!+ program we have had so far. 1382 young people from many parts of India and the world had an absolute blast. We started with the Challenge of the seven levels – a super fun bonding activity on day one, masterminded by Priya Mani and Gowri Shankar with plenty […]

Dec 31

Getting Back to Bangalore

I had gone to Trichi for a conference and realized that i had no reservations on the train to get back to Bangalore… Bawa was adamant that i not travel unreserved and ordered me to fly back the next day… Turned out to be the 4:00 am flight from Trichi to Bangalore via Chennai. More […]

Dec 29

This Time, Last Year…

Dinesh had written out a very cool story about his trip to Trichi last year … winter break time and somehow, it never made it to the blog… Here it is 🙂 Around the same time last year, I went to Triruchirapalli (say it 5 times in a row, its quite a tongue twister). Since […]

Dec 17

The Next Morning…

… i wake up and there was no one there. No one. Just a few birds hopped about. Everyone had gone off to the Bhoomi Pooja. I had woken up late (it was 6:45 am … and that was late!). So lets practice a bit of Knowledge i thought… Accept situations as they are, and […]

Dec 14

Night in Swarnabhoomi

Q. Guruji, You had asked us earlier that we should innovate, but whenever we do that there is a high risk/rate of failure… How do we avoid or minimize this? I was thinking maybe Guruji will say all failures are stepping stones to success, that a failure just means that this is not the way […]

Oct 19

The Hermit goes to America!!

Suparna’s Birthday gift for me 🙂 She sent it very much on time … i wanted to format it and add pics so it got delayed … Thanks a lot Suparna… The hermit traveled across US of A To Yellowstone, Zion and Bryce He finally arrived in New York, New York (So good, they named […]

Oct 12

Dinesh’s Birthday (2009)!!

I simply cannot beat what Dinesh wrote for me on my Birthday … so i won’t even try 🙂 But here is a photo of a long past Birthday … and here are photos of his birthday this year … Found the Cake Picture!!! 🙂 A very, very Happy Birthday to you my darling Dinesh […]

Sep 22


If Guruji wants any work done, He likes it done yesterday… Bau likes it done the day before. That’s how he came to the planet 40 years ago, a month before he was due 🙂 His sense of urgency coupled with a style of having-all-the-time-in-the-world and topped (rather cherry whipped creamed) with a magnificent sense […]

Jul 23

No more Doubts!

I forgot my Sudarshan Kriya tape in Bangalore city and decided to hitchhike from Ashram in the middle of the night to get it back… I got a ride in an old, broken down truck and absolutely everything that I abhor and detest happened to me all at once… And just when i thought nothing […]

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