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Jul 20

The Truck

I had forgotten my Kriya tape in Bangalore city and decided to go and get it in the middle of the night hitchhiking from the Ashram… I decided to hitchhike. Before anyone could say no to me, I just started walking down Kanakpura Road towards the city… It was a pleasant night. But I was […]

Jul 16

The Doubt

I had doubts. I had been doing Kriya for a few years, also teaching many, many courses quite successfully. However, I felt that there was no growth. That I had hit a plateau. The kind of transformation and change that had happened in life he first 2-3 years was now absent. I wanted Guruji to […]

Jun 11


Click to read the first part of this story Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and me … She (Bhanu didi) began chanting the Pooja in her melodious sing song voice, full of devotion, and i was mesmerised once more at the beauty of the Pooja, taking me to some deep restful place within myself. Too soon the […]

Jun 8

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and Me

About 16 years ago… Guruji was in Bombay… and He was staying at a house in Borivli. He had to go some place and all of us of course had to follow, so people were getting into various cars getting ready to follow or drive Him… At that time, He would just randomly decide which […]

May 29

Minoo Mama

He was my grandmother’s brother. The last one of their generation. He died quite peacefully a few days ago at age 97. He as full of fun and mischief and all of us used to love to be with him. He went to work in his old firm of chartered accountants till a few weeks […]

May 15

The Bhandaris

We kept meeting them many times. This wonderful witty old man, always dressed in a suit with a very English hat, and this sparkling, white haired lady, immaculate in her sari or utterly at ease wearing jeans… and they kept telling us to come and stay with them when we were in Delhi, and we […]

Mar 16

A Twisted Ankle

I had breakfast in bed! 🙂 I didn’t have to get up early in the morning for Yoga or join the morning rush to the loo! Maybe this twisted ankle would have it’s advantages 🙂  🙂 I had a leisurely morning and few of my wing mates from IIT, adopted me and fussed over me […]

Mar 13

And then…

The Ashram had just expanded all the way to Kashyapa (Today’s Guruji’s Secretariat office) and we were allotted a room over there for all 15 of us… We went there and crashed, a blissful, serene, quiet, restful sleep to awaken the next morning to the birdsong and of course people shouting at each other to […]

Mar 12

To Bangalore

I simply couldn’t wait for the exam to get over… I still had more than half the paper to answer but my mind was somewhere else… Focus Focus and yet my heart would give little leaps of delight when it contemplated what would happen in the evening… somehow or the other, i finished off that […]

Jan 15

Ze Hermit in Italy

Ze Hermit really wanted to go to Italy… so Suparna wrote this out for me 🙂 The Mysterious Case of the Fainting Prima Donna ‘Twas a starlit night in Tuscany Florence was a spectacular sight The Opera del Marzipan opened its doors For the season’s opening night Signora Rosetta Garbocci The Prima Donna of the […]

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