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Dec 9

Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday was dad’s birthday. We invited everyone over to Ashram for an old fashioned parsi family celebration and what fun we had! Gauri and Hema cooked dal and rice, and i cooked patia and we fried mock fish (soya fillet)… and made a brand new dessert which was astonishingly good… (recipe coming soon!)… yummy!! Guruji […]

Oct 31

Diwali 2008

2 photos from Diwali in the US with Guruji: The Laxmi Pooja that happened for the first time there in His physical presence… and … Diwali on Jagu’s lovely terrace in Mumbai (check out the angels in the photo!) A very Happy Diwali and a brilliant New Year ahead… May the lights of all our […]

Sep 30

Happy Birthday Darling Dinesh!

Dinesh had a fantastic Birthday… He will write about it… meanwhile enjoy the photos Among all the people who had their Birthdays, only Dinesh was invited by Guruji to the stage After wards, we had cake… Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

Sep 1

Ashram Memories

Last YES!+ advanced course in the ashram was a Sattvic blast! 600 young people from all over India and a sprinkling from abroad arrived at the ashram for the YES!+ advance course. The sad part was that we had to refuse a little over 200 ‘cos the ashram was stretched to capacity (acco wise) and […]

Aug 20

The Holy Fire

Parsis worship Ahura Mazda (our name of God) through revering and worshiping nature. And our symbol is Fire. Each Fire Temple has a consecrated holy fire that is kept (smoldering) burning night and day. Each fire is lit with a spark of the original Atash Badshah (now housed in Udvada in Gujarat), and so it […]

Aug 19

Saal Mubarak!!

Today is Parsi New Year. And Srividya from Poona called me yesternight and requested me to post some things about Parsis this week… so here goes… The Parsis were a warrior race originating in ancient Persia a few thousand years ago. They were known for their bravery, their amazing intellectual achievements and their devotion to […]

Jul 14

Beacons of Light

In school (Don Bosco, Matunga), we had something called a calendar, which was basically a smallish blue coloured book, with the portions for every year, a (duh!) calendar, so we could enter into it like a diary stuff that we wanted to, our marks in various tests and exams AND the Remarks page. Here sadistic […]

Jul 14

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is the day… my 2 little waves remember the ocean that they were born in… It’s the birthday of my nephews Aarman and Ahun Aarman means “a wish” Ahun means “of God” Together they are a Wish of God! They definitely make you remember God many many times when you are around them… “oh […]

Jun 16

… and then…

…We railwayed back to the ashram and what an eventful last few days we had here! The whole of India is talking about the agitation of the Gujjar community against the Rajasthan Government. Since being proactive happens to be Guruji’s mantra, he visited Bayana where the first round of talks were going to happen between […]

Jun 15

Chennai Story

If you search for synonyms for ‘hot’ in the word doc, you really should come across ‘chennai’ somewhere in the list, i would place it right under magma and just above scorching. Before long you may hear a conversation like… How’s that girl? WoW! She’s so Chennai!!! The rest of the universe feels really pleasant […]

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