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May 10

Dr. D.V. Pai

IITB: Third Semester: Along came a subject called Real Analysis: I used to hate that subject, the last time i had studied it for my bachelors, had an extremely sucky prof, who managed to make everyone in the class detest the subject… I was a fool, i actually hated the prof, and managed to transfer […]

May 6

IITB and me

Many years ago, i was a student of the very prestigious IIT Bombay pursuing my Master’s degree in Mathematics. I would love to say that everything was great and i was doing well, but that was not the case… I had big expectations from an institute like IIT, hardly any of them were met! It […]

Apr 30

The First Time

A start of something new today… So far i have been studiously avoiding talking about my (our) experiences with Guruji… i think its time to start: On Day 1 of my Art of Living part I (it was called Basic then, we later convinced Guruji that there was nothing Basic about it 🙂 and so […]

Apr 16


I have developed a new workshop called “Financial Literacy”. We had a 2 hour stint yesterday night in Delhi for about 50 people, the second time i ran this workshop, the first was in Mumbai. Everyone loved it! So that’s the third one that i now teach which is a non Art of Living Workshop. […]

Apr 16

Amritsar and The Golden Temple

Shavina was teaching a course in Amritsar and so we decided, that instead of going to Delhi from Jalandhar, we would goto Amritsar and spend a few hours there and come back to Delhi with her by train.We left Jalandhar at noon and went through the very beautiful Punjab country side. There are fields full […]

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