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Feb 10

The All Bengali Crime Detectives

If you are a bengali or a bongophile or from Calcutta, have ever lived there or just like that city very much, do yourself a favor and pick up this little gem of a book. Even if you are not, get it… You will find yourself wanting to go to Calcutta. Our very own Suparna, […]

Dec 6

December 6th 2009

What a lovely day! It’s cool, deliciously cool in the Bangalore Ashram, and the skies are clear and blue and sun is shining but not hot … It’s a day when you want to sing and dance for no reason at all… other than that God has allowed you to be part of and witness […]

Oct 30

Two Nice Books

On a whim i picked up this book called Wings by Aprilynne Pike from the children’s section in crossword. (secret: I get most of the things i like to read from there 🙂 ) … It’s about Laurel a rather strange (by american standards at least) girl. She is vegan (i love books about heroines […]

Jun 25

Douglas Adams

While studying for the 12th standard exams at a friends house, i came across a book with a very strange name: So Long, and thanks for all the fish…of course i had to read it… I think i laughed almost without a break, from the first sentence to the last! Douglas Adams (who wrote it) […]

Jun 6


Rajeev Bharadwaj, a friend of mine introduced me to science fiction. It was an arena of books that i had never read before, and very soon i was devouring Sci-fi at an alarming rate 🙂 Isaac Asmiov’s Foundation series is perhaps the best introduction to this genre… The series was writtnenover a span of 40 […]

May 24

Hatching Magic

… is the name of a very nice little book by Ann Downer, which i picked up in the children’s section in Crossword recently with its sequel The Dragon of Never-Was. The first one was a really nice fun read, the second dragged a bit in places. If you have kids, these are perfect read […]

May 16

My first "Fat" Book

When i was in the third standard, i had some disease called rheumatic fever… supposedly very bad and stuff… mainly for me it meant i didnt have to goto school for almost an entire year, i was passed to the next standard by Don Bosco for which i think i will be eternally grateful based […]

May 6

Favourite Authors and Books – 1 (Enid Blyton)

It’s nice to start from the beginning 🙂 Enid Blyton is an author who writes for people between the ages of 6 to 18 or so… I still enjoy her books (guess i have still not grown up) Her worlds are all sunshine and splendour, animals that talk and fairies and pixies and brownies and […]

Apr 23

Finished the Fulghum…

Well… i couldn’t wait… didn’t want to go slow anymore… so read in my usual breakneck speed… and it was a superb, satisfying little adventure with a man who loves to tell stories about the ordinary in a special extraordinary way…Though he got a wrong idea about Sanyas (just a paragraph on it in one […]

Apr 22

Robert Fulghum

I recently picked up a book called “What on Earth did I do?” by Robert Fulghum. I have read all his other books, the most notable being “All i really wanted to know i learned in Kindergarten”All the books are simply small essays, almost never more than 4 pages long. He has a very wry […]

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