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Apr 23

Finished the Fulghum…

Well… i couldn’t wait… didn’t want to go slow anymore… so read in my usual breakneck speed… and it was a superb, satisfying little adventure with a man who loves to tell stories about the ordinary in a special extraordinary way…Though he got a wrong idea about Sanyas (just a paragraph on it in one […]

Apr 22

Robert Fulghum

I recently picked up a book called “What on Earth did I do?” by Robert Fulghum. I have read all his other books, the most notable being “All i really wanted to know i learned in Kindergarten”All the books are simply small essays, almost never more than 4 pages long. He has a very wry […]

Apr 5

In Chennai

one word: Hot!! πŸ™‚ its an absolute mystery to me how people can choose to live here… i wouldnt buy a house here… i would expect to be PAID to live here πŸ™‚ But Raji aunty (Harish’s and Kavi’s mother) makes it all worthwhile by cooking up an avalanche of the most delicious dosas!! i […]

Mar 29

Curious Lives

Another book i am reading right now… Curious Lives by Richard Bachquite nice, the second story in it i really liked a lot… though no where near the absolute genius of his other books that i feel everyone must read: Johnathan Livingston SeagullIllusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant MessiahA Bridge across ForeverOne His writing is […]

Mar 22

An Uncommon Reader

picked this little gem of a book from Crossword the other day and finished it in 2 days… really nice read… its too short to even write a review about πŸ™‚Its about the Queen, reading, books, a Kiwi Private secretary jealous of books… all put together very engagingly and simply and delightfully πŸ™‚do read!Jai Gurudeva!lovebawa […]

Mar 21


Oooo yes, i am quite a fan of asterix and obelix… though i think the characters that are the most endearing to me are Chief Vitalstatistix and the Druid Getafix πŸ™‚So, yes if anyone has that CD with that entire collection on it, i would love to have it! πŸ™‚Jai Gurudeva!lovebawa

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