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Jun 27


Usually there are about 8-10 comments waiting for us every morning…If dinesh has written then about 20 🙂 today there were 59!!! Thanks for writing in… we loved all of them!!! Next post here on Monday morning… Only thing to tell all of you today is that the first time ever, Guruji did the Friday […]

Jun 26

Comments… and some News

Hi everyone…Just to let all of you know that we absolutely LOVE reading all your comments!If you enjoy what we are writing (and we know you do!), PLEASE leave comments… Just as you guys wait for our posts in the morning, we can’t wait to read all the things you have written about what we […]

Jun 12

Blog Future

Here is what i envision for the blog: First a really cool header, all you people who know photoshop can help me out with that one… it should have Sounds Interesting… and a brief description and some nice colours (i abhor black) and graphics The way i am thinking graphically is to change the header […]

Jun 3

Help and an Announcement

Ok people… the time has come 🙂 This blog will be undergoing some MAJOR cosmetic changes and is going to look pretty awful for some time, coz its me who is doing the changes and i am learning HTML as i make them 🙂 if any of you want to volunteer and help out, it […]

May 24

Hatching Magic

… is the name of a very nice little book by Ann Downer, which i picked up in the children’s section in Crossword recently with its sequel The Dragon of Never-Was. The first one was a really nice fun read, the second dragged a bit in places. If you have kids, these are perfect read […]

May 23

Starting Silence tomorrow

Dinesh and i are going to be on the Adv course in Blr Ashram… starting silence in a few hours from now and so will not be communicating for 3 days…Will write again in 3 days time 🙂if i have the time, i will schedule a post for day after 🙂Jai Gurudeva!lovebawa (and dinesh)

May 20

Goin to Alibag

We are off to Alibag from Poona for 2-3 days at the beach… will post photos and other stuff once i am back in Bangalore… no idea if there is internet connectivity there…Will write a few things out to be ready to publish in the time i am there, maybe poke dinesh to write as […]

Apr 27

Jokes and stuff…

Have been inundated with jokes…have published all that came in this time 🙂but lets make a deal:I will publish a joke here only if i have not heard it before and i really like it from now on… ok?!Same with other factoids and stuff that people send… just so it doesnt crowd up the blog […]

Apr 20

A Big Family

Bansal (Ramnik) told me this one while we were in Jalandhar… can’t resist posting it here: A guy was talking to a friend saying that he was part of a really big family! He had 25 brothers and sisters!!!The friend asked didnt the Family Planning people ever visit?“They did, but went away thinking our house […]

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