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Sep 30

Navaratri 2014

It’s always the same. And it’s always different. This year seems to be more different than same. Gurudev is not speaking any Knowledge at all. This year it’s all about sit back and experience. No one is saying anything much on the mike. It’s just the chants of the Poojas. On Dinesh’s birthday, Gurudev gave […]

Sep 27

What to do during Navaratri?

The ultra super best thing to do is come on over to Bangalore Ashram and be part of the Navaratri celebrations here. There is absolutely nothing quite like it. Gurudev in silence is some ethereal, exquisite Being. Words cannot possibly convey what I feel as He seemingly floats in and out of the Poojas every […]

Sep 17

The Hundred Foot Journey

Absolutely fantastic movie. Useless book. Do yourself a favour, Watch the movie, don’t read the book. It’s magic in the kitchen when the spices of India flirt with haute french cuisine. Sparks fly and the heat is on. A muslim family who passionately run a restaurant in Mumbai are victims of a riot. They loose everything […]

Aug 20

Is Life a Game?

It can be! What does a really nice game have? It has quests to do which make you better at whatever it is you are doing. It has the monsters that stop you from completing your quests. It has Power-ups that help you combat the monsters. It has allies. They help you battle your monsters […]

Jul 24

Chirag Chirag!

Meet Chirag Aggarwal. B.A. in English. When he actually managed to get that degree, whatever little faith I had in the Indian Education system kind of evaporated. He had trouble spelling trouble. His grammar was atrocious, but he was blissfully ignorant of that, because of course he didn’t know what atrocious was. He was really […]

Jun 30

Meeting Him at Bombay Airport

The first time Gurudev came to Bombay more than two decades ago; Sangeeta and I went to receive Him from the airport. We got caught in a bit of traffic, and He was already out, waiting for us. He waved and smiled when He saw us and said why did the two of you have to […]

Jun 11


Aghori… That word has such a connotation. Brings up images of graveyards, naked people bodies smeared with ash, black magic, atrocious sex, voodoo … Aghori actually means the absolute opposite of all this. Ghor means frightening, terrifying – Aghor means beautiful, pleasant, delightful. Aghori is one who takes life as a wonder filled, beautiful journey. […]

May 31

Confused about what to do after Engineering?

I got this mail today. I am completing my Engineering degree. I have 3 options. 1. I prepare for GATE and get into some IIT for an M.Tech and later a Ph.D 2. I have got admission in the good governance program of Sri Sri University. Should I pursue that? 3. Prepare for CAT and try […]

May 31

Games I have Enjoyed

I throughly enjoy city building games, word games and role playing games. I don’t like games that require twitch responses and first person shooters. Ok, now that I have said that, you know what my biases are. And you know if you want to continue reading 🙂 The nintendo hand helds were the first few […]

Apr 10

Spiritual People in Politics?!

Spirituality is anything that enhances the spirit! Hence spirituality encompasses the sciences, commerce and arts, technology and development, health, law, culture, sports, entertainment… infact everything, including politics. Just as there is politics in spirituality, why can’t there be spirituality in politics? Politics is about taking care of the welfare and the wellbeing of people. Spirituality […]

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