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Dec 14

Night in Swarnabhoomi

Q. Guruji, You had asked us earlier that we should innovate, but whenever we do that there is a high risk/rate of failure… How do we avoid or minimize this? I was thinking maybe Guruji will say all failures are stepping stones to success, that a failure just means that this is not the way […]

Oct 27

Some Details

There are so many, many people who have commented and written emails to me about wanting to contribute to our Youth Ashram… Thanks a lot If you are from India, please make a cheque(s) or DD(s) out to WAYE. On the back write “for the Youth Ashram”. You could even send post dated cheques. Post […]

Oct 26

First Course ever at The Bombay Ashram

It’s a fairly big open piece of land in Vasindh, on the outskirts of Bombay, a quick 20 minute drive from Thana,  generously donated to Art of Living by the Jindals. It’s going to become the first Art of Living Ashram, made specifically for young people! Right now, its flat, green, sunny and open. Guruji […]

Oct 22


Our blog has come a long way… we have had over 10,000 comments to the posts we have been writing… Aparna wrote the 10,000th! Thank You very much for reading, visiting, commenting, all your great wishes and your love… For the few people who have been regularly donating (using the donate button near the schedule) […]

Oct 19

The Hermit goes to America!!

Suparna’s Birthday gift for me She sent it very much on time … i wanted to format it and add pics so it got delayed … Thanks a lot Suparna… The hermit traveled across US of A To Yellowstone, Zion and Bryce He finally arrived in New York, New York (So good, they named it […]

Oct 14

YES!+ in the US of A

Annelies is one of our terrific YES!+ teachers in the US … She sent me a mail today morning, that i just had to share with all of you! Just wanted to write about my experiences on campuses since school has started this year! It’s amazing how our sankalpa to have YES!+ be a credit […]

Oct 1

Been Busy

Navaratri was magnificient Rashmin is now married and on his honeymoon and Dinesh celebrated his 34th Birthday… Guruji has been giving us super little pieces of Gyan… and yesternight, He even did Yoga with everyone during Satsang I have been very busy, and seems like thats going to continue at least till the 11th of […]

Sep 19

A Diet for Navaratri

Nav means nine and also means new, ratri is night, the time for rest and rejuvenation … so nine days and nights to relax and become New… Nine nights of the Mother Divine. Many people ask me what kind of a diet they should follow during the 9 days of Navaratri … Well, this is […]

Sep 14

E Tv

E Tv is featuring 19 new episodes that they recorded earlier with me and dinesh … be sure to watch them and post how you liked them … here is the schedule There is Vikram and Kashi too in the mix! Channel Name Telecast Time (Monday to Saturday) ETV- Bangla 09.30a.m ETV-M.P. 10.30a.m ETV-U.P. 10.30a.m […]

Sep 14


Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

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