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Sep 19

A Diet for Navaratri

Nav means nine and also means new, ratri is night, the time for rest and rejuvenation … so nine days and nights to relax and become New… Nine nights of the Mother Divine. Many people ask me what kind of a diet they should follow during the 9 days of Navaratri … Well, this is […]

Sep 14

E Tv

E Tv is featuring 19 new episodes that they recorded earlier with me and dinesh … be sure to watch them and post how you liked them … here is the schedule There is Vikram and Kashi too in the mix! Channel Name Telecast Time (Monday to Saturday) ETV- Bangla 09.30a.m ETV-M.P. 10.30a.m ETV-U.P. 10.30a.m […]

Sep 14


Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

Sep 9


We had a fantastic DSN over the weekend… Now i usually don’t post about courses we teach but this one was different We taught the entire course from our room on the Ashram … using Skype! Though there were a few lost connections, and the video freezing and stuff … the course (if i may […]

Aug 17

Winter Break 2009

Guruji gave us the dates for Winter Break 2009 just last night… Here they are: December 26th 2009 to January 4th 2010 Reporting on December 25th or 26th anytime before 11:00 pm Dec 28th 2009 to Jan 1st 2010: The Advance Course (YES!++) Jan 1st to Jan 3rd: Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Jan 4th: Rudra Pooja […]

Aug 15

Janmashtami 2009

Janmashtami is the night Lord Krishna took a physical form. If you have still not read the Bhagavad Geeta, start right away. The Highest Knowledge in all its Glory is here… Don’t read any commentary on it. Simply read the translation or the original Sanskrit (if you understand sanskrit). This is one of Lord Krishna’s […]

Jul 12

Nothing to say :)

I know there have been no updates for some time now… and a lot of you come here expecting to read something and there is nothing (new)… I have been travelling and teaching alot in the past few days, and somehow have not had the time to write anything … Nothing is coming that i […]

Jul 7

Guru Poornima 2009

All you need to remember is that you are being taken care of… Be happy Make others happy Spread the Light of Knowledge Have a Blessed time… A very Happy Guru Poornima to everyone!! Jai Gurudeva! love bawa n dinesh

Jun 12

Course Schedules till July 2009

Many people have been asking about our course schedule. Here it is for the next 2 months or so… 23rd June – 26th June – DSN Poona 24th June – 26th June – Sahaj in Poona 25th June – 28th June – DSN in Mumbai 27th June – 29th June – Sahaj in Mumbai 30th […]

May 25

What’s Love?

I get asked this question a lot … Here are some answers from the people who know, 4 to 8 year old children ‘When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That’s […]

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