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Apr 2

Satsang on April 1st 2008

Yesterday night’s Satsang was short and sweet…Guruji has started a “new” way to meditate… NO i am not going to give it away here… you will just have to wait… and learn it when someone who knows how to teach it is where you are, or you are where they are 🙂Ofcourse it was awesome […]

Mar 22

Does Guruji care?

someone asked me this recently: Does Guruji care for me and love me? Does He even know that i exist?! He seemed to ignore or not even notice me when i saw Him my answer… When people meet Guruji, they separate out into 2 types: 1. YAAAYAA!!! i saw HIM!!!2. shit! He didnt see me […]

Mar 22

Quickie on Meditation

Guruji, what is meditation? Did u get it?!.. This is it! Waiting for something its restlessness, simply waiting is meditation!! Jai Gurudeva!lovebawa

Mar 21

Hi-Tech Holi Satsang

What a surprise we had tonight!! The Satsang was shifted from Vishalakshi Mantap to the Yagyashala… we had no idea why 🙂Guruji resplendent as ever got on stage and then He talked a little bit about Holi, coming of spring, things like that and then He went outside and lit the Holi fire (which was […]

Mar 21

Satsang yesterday night

Before i write about Surat, Mumbai, Nashik and Nagpur, here are 2 things that stood out in the Knowledge that Guruji gave yesterday night… Q. How do i handle the situation when i want to do stuff that my elders dont want me to do? A. Prayer, Skill and Time Q. How relevant is Meditation […]

Mar 5

Guruji in Mumbai on the way to Surat

Saw Him at 3:00 am today morning at the airport… am really proud of the way all our Mumbai devotees were over there… all disciplined and bursting with joy… He met everyone there, and then did a repeat of meeting everyone downstairs at KK’s house… He flowed into the hearts of all of us there […]

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