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Oct 3

Happy Birthday to Us!

Come September, Dinesh and I both celebrate our birthday … Preferably we would love to celebrate our birthdays with Gurudev and this year He was in the ashram for both the days, but only in the morning. He had a fairly early morning flight to catch on both the days. So breaking away from tradition, […]

May 5

Give me more!

Wealth or Money can bring laziness, misery, arrogance, disease, greed, insecurity, jealousy, anger, fear, indulgence, ego and enemies. So, a more precise prayer to the Guru/God would be… God give me Money; Money that brings Enterprise and not laziness, Joy and not misery, Confidence and not arrogance, Good health and not disease, Discrimination and not […]

Jan 30

My Inward Journey

The journey from head to heart is just a few inches, but it is quite a journey! I was giving my entrance exams for IIT. I had studied enough, knew most things I needed to know, but the morning of the exam, I had a terrible headache. Dad had learnt some touch healing, spiritual thingie […]

Sep 4

Colours of the Ashram

Jai Gurudeva! love bawa n dinesh

Jul 5

Jilted Lovers or Mercenary Creative Writers

For some time now there have been a few people writing nasty stuff about Art of Living on their blogs. These people are alleged ex-Art of Living people who are on a self appointed mission to ย โ€œexposeโ€ the Art of Living Foundation and Sri Sri and almost every senior teacher/swami/office-holder you can think of. Hereโ€™s […]

Jul 3

Happy Guru Poornima 2012!!

Guruji is at Boone Ashram in the US. There are many people who say … it doesn’t matter, He is always with us and all that. I don’t really agree with them ๐Ÿ™‚ To be with Him physically is something else ๐Ÿ™‚ But when He is not there physically with us … all that longing […]

Aug 18

Nice People – Switzerland

We were on board the beautiful Golden Pass trains in Switzerland to get to Gstaad from Milan and everything was so beautiful, that i almost forgot about the pain in the ankle. Was reading a book by Guruji, He was saying “What is that which propels our mind towards the senses and the senses towards […]

Aug 11

Nice People – Berlin and Venice

Berlin was fantastic, the World Culture Festival rocked… There are videos and photos and write ups and stories all over the place, so won’t say much about that… except that it was REALLY fabulous! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dinesh and i can now claim that we performed at the Olmpic Stadium in Berlin! We were part of the […]

Jul 15

Happy Guru Poornima!

Dinesh wrote a lot of this out while watching the nature in Switzerland… I added and deleted a line here a word there ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh Guruji! The mountains reflect Your grandeur and glory, The sea, Your energy and activity, The snow, Your pristine purity, The rails and roads, Your connectivity, The trees, Your ever green […]

Apr 28

What have we been up to?!

These last few weeks have been both utterly relaxing and super hectic! Guruji was not (physically) in the ashram for almost 7 weeks. Satsang tends to drag a bit… well, a lot when He is not here, and between dinesh, me, kashi and girin, we decided to do something about it… and we did! We […]

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