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Sep 30

The Roar of the Enlightened

How do you know you are sleeping? You are sleeping and you get a dream. In the dream, a ferocious lion is chasing you, you run and run and run… and then the lion pounces on you with a deafening howl… and you wake up! Then you know it was just a dream. And you […]

Sep 23

Fever – Epilogue

One night when Bawa was staying in the hospital, he woke up thirsty in the middle of the night. One thing for Bawa that lies on that razor line between preference and boundary (basically he hates to hate it, but he does anyways) is coconut water. And another thing he doesn’t like is to drink […]

Sep 16

Knowledge from a Fever

A lot of Knowledge got reinforced again and again. Pain is inevitable, so is the gain. I felt I gained quite a bit of wisdom. I deeply realized the complementariness of opposite values. The fever made me appreciate the value of good health and energy. One walk around the floor would leave me drained and I […]

Aug 19

Guruji on MTv USA

Sri Sri is going to be featured on MTv in the US, starring on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory… Check out the site and definitely watch the preview on the site 🙂 What a cool Guru we have!! 🙂 🙂 Jai Gurudeva! love bawa ps MTv’s own site has another cool video pps more about this […]

Aug 19

Why is Guru Poornima in July?!

Guru Poornima in Bombay after many, many years was very pleasant. We had an amazing Satsang in the evening and it was so very nice to see all our old friends and share Knowledge and meditation with them once more… I had a course in the morning and it was an overcast sky that I […]

Aug 12

Hamburg – Berlin – Frankfurt – Bangalore

From the German Ashram, we went to Hamburg, which is one of the prettiest cities i have ever been to. It oozes charm and beauty. The weather was perfect. Deep blue skies and an abundance of trees and lakes. Hamburg actually has more bridges than Venice! The sun sets very late in the evening here and when […]

Aug 5

Lake Luzern and Bad Antogast

After an absolutely awesome stay in Arosa, it was time to leave. Guruji didn’t send us off with the others… He asked us to wait for last minute packing etc. We thought that we would ride in one of the cars that would follow His, but we lucked out! He asked me and  dinesh to […]

Jul 22

Knowledge from Arosa

Guruji spoke at length two times a day on the 6th chapter of the Bhagavad Geeta, for almost an entire week.There were many stories, deep wisdom and much mirth. I have just written out the essence of what He said of what struck me… When the dvds come out for this set of discourses, please […]

Jul 15


One evening in Satsang, Guruji announced that He would take all of us up to the highest peak in the area, the Weisshorn the next day in the afternoon. We would go to the peak first and then do the Geeta class. That night the organizers told Guruji that there was a storm and snow […]

Jul 8

Arosa – The Advanced Course

Katja, Christoph, Werner, Neringa, Jaya, Tatiana, Bruno, Urmilla and Aberhard, Tina, Spencer … so many more from the European team were there and they all welcomed us and took such care of us, even pampered us 🙂 It was perfect. The Kulm is a 4 star Hotel and the volunteers of Art of Living were […]

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