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Jul 2

Arosa Arrival

We entered the lobby of the Kulm Hotel, and many, many friendly faces gave us welcoming smiles and yells of Jai Gurudev! and we felt we had come home. On the top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, here was an oasis of Sattwa. Satsang had just got over and Guruji had gone back […]

Jun 2

Was Sri Sri really shot at?

There is a little bit of this going around… The Home Minister made a statement on the lines that the entire incident “may” be just a brawl between ashramites and “seems” not to be an attack on Sri Sri Himself. The minister made this statement within a few hours of the incident, even before the preliminary investigations […]

May 31

Assassination bid on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

30th May 2010, Sunday evening at around 6:00 pm, after the public Satsang as Guruji was getting into His car, a shot was fired at Him by an unknown gunman. This shot hit one of the devotees, Vinay on his thigh. Guruji is completely safe, and Vinay has some injury but is otherwise alright. Even […]

May 20

Making Wishes

This week, it’s time to learn to make wishes. Many times i have heard Guruji say in satsang, tonight make a sincere wish from your heart, before going to sleep… many people do have things they really want, and most have reported that when they wished for it, they got it. But most people don’t […]

May 14

Tera May

It was wonderful celebrating Guruji’s Birthday with Him in the beautiful German Ashram of Bad Antogast. Many people from many countries shared some nice stories about the transformation that has happened in the places they come from, as well as in their own personal lives… Then Guruji talked, and the few sentences below are what […]

May 6

Asking Questions

I have seen many, many people ask Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, our Guruji extremely indeterminate questions and then get very disappointed when He chooses to ignore them or answer them vaguely. Over the years, i have noticed Guruji taking special interest in some people and their queries… and have begun to see a pattern. It’s […]

Apr 29

OTC for Andheri

The person in charge we call the OTC OTC = One Throat to Catch! 🙂 Puneet was elected to be the OTC for a course in Andheri, here is his take about the experience, as a poem! i was told becoming the otc is like managing a shaadi chhoti si. shaadi was alright but chhoti […]

Mar 29

Close to the Master

Knowledge Sheet no. 2 Watch the video 🙂 Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

Mar 22

This begins a new practice…

Hi everyone… Many years ago, Guruji sent us a fax (this was before email was popular) to be read out on the Thursday evening Satsang. It was a Knowledge fax (as He called it). And the first line was, This begins a new practice… For 7 years, every week there would be a Knowledge byte […]

Mar 15

An Interaction

Hi bau, I have been a regular reader of this blog, albeit anonymous:), for quite a while now.I have done the AOL courses and trying my bit in getting more people to gain the same knowledge/happiness in this part of the world. Can you post your views, on Guruji’s take on MF hussain? I saw […]

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