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Jun 4

QnA – 22

Q. Why do they say that the Narad Bhakti Sutras, Patanjali Yoga Sutras or the Ashtavakra Geeta should always be heard in a group? Is the energy so high (as in the case of long Kriya) that a single person can’t digest it? Or is there some other reason? A. No, no, nothing like that. […]

Jun 1

One Worder

Q. Guruji, how do you feel, when so many people expect you to solve all their problems? A. (a very brief thoughtful pause) Normal!   Jai Gurudeva! love bawa ps The blog should change its look at 7 pm every evening and reset to the original at 7 am … hopefully it should work for […]

May 13

May 13th

May 13th Mai Tera… (in hindi, 13th May translates to Tera Mai, which amazingly also means I am yours) We are yours too! Happy Birthday our dearest Guruji Jai Gurudeva! love bawa n dinesh

Apr 29

A Surprise!

I bet all of you don’t know… Today is Guruji’s Nakshatra Birthday!!!!! Spend today as if He is physically with you, and you are doing stuff that you have always wanted to do with Him Happy, Happy Birthday our dearest darlingest Guruji!! We love you… Jai Gurudeva! bawandinesh

Apr 20

Sage Narada says…

One moment of Samadhi is like the experience of 1000 unions happening simultaneously expounds the Sage Narada in His sublime Bhakti Sutras. You may wonder why a Sage, an Enlightened Rishi is talking about sex, and in fact measuring the bliss of Samadhi in units of orgasms. When an Enlightened Master teaches, He will teach […]

Mar 10

Guruji and SIMI

This happened in Kerela… Sri Sri gave an audience to the SIMI (Student Islamic Movement of India) leaders. Four leaders from SIMI came to meet Sri Sri at the residence of one of the organizers. Following their entry, an air of tension enveloped the hall where hundreds were waiting to meet with Sri Sri. Naseeb, […]

Jan 11

Bhanu Didi

There are many things about Guruji on our blog and elsewhere on the net… but not enough (according to us) about our darling Bhanu Didi… Guruji’s lil sisiter! I remember one of my earliest memories about Bhanu Ma as our family calls her, is mixing hot rice and yummy rasam and home made ghee with […]

Jan 5

Points of View

… or is it Point of Views … well… whatever Here is a question someone sent me: Jai Gurudev! bawa n dinesh bhaiya I feel so close to Guruji when I talk to his pictures or write him a letter but during Utsav on the last day of brahmnaad, when he was walking among us […]

Jan 1

Celebration and Service – Gurudev’s New Year Message

Dinesh will write out what i said in the first few minutes of 2009… here is what Guruji said in the last few minutes of 2008… Click to watch Guruji’s New Year message for 2009 The last hour of 2008. The time on this planet for us is a gift. Time is a gift to […]

Dec 26

Ivan’s Bali – II

… Then Guruji appeared … There He was, just twenty precious feet away, sitting there …. “Hhmmm…. soooo… tell me… how are you… what shall we discuss??” Two hundred blank minds and faces just stared back at Him – this was the teaching body of South East Asia and we could hardly manage a Jai […]

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