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Feb 15

Is Arvind Kejriwal good news? Or just paid news?!

I can say Arvind Kejriwal has been a friend of ours since quite some time. When the Anti-corruption movement in India started with the Art of Living’s initiative of the ‘March against Corruption and Terrorism’ on Parliament Street in New Delhi on 1st March 2009, we invited Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal (an RTI activist then), […]

Dec 28

Gujarat Riots 2002 – Truth has Finally Prevailed!

It was one of those cold nights in the month of December. After taking a walk in the Sumeru Mantap, couple of us were sitting with Gurudev in his kutir.  Gurudev got a call from from Mehul, our main teacher coordinator from Ahmedabad. Along with his wife, he had taken up the mission of teaching […]

Apr 1

More about Berlin

Kiran, well, we called him Kiran. His real name was Chris. He was from Germany. He was my TTC teacher, and i had done a few advance courses with him too. He was so calm and composed all the time, i thought he was enlightened. He radiated joy and love. He stayed in India for […]

Mar 25

Why i call Mumbai Bombay!

The Marathas were never in possession of the Bombay group of islands. These were the territory of the Sultan of Gujarat. He was forced to give Bombay to the Portuguese. Unfortunately, these very proselytizing Portuguese murdered Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat. There was no Indian ruler claiming ownership of these soggy, disease-prone islands of Bombay. Not only the Moguls but also […]

Nov 19

The Debate

When Adi Shankaracharya asked for directions to the house of Mandana Mishra, who was a highly learned scholar and ritualist, he was told the following… “You will find a home at whose gates there are a number of caged parrots discussing abstract topics like — ‘Do the Vedas have self-validity or do they depend on […]

Nov 16

Para Pooja

Adi Shankaracharya re initiated India around 400 BC (?) into the Vedic lore and way of life. He re instated the then lost art of doing Poojas and Yagyas. He expounded the Advaita philosophy. Though He was the one who gave much emphasis on Pooja, He also, in a series of brilliant verses totally rubbished […]

Nov 12

The Four Disciples

Adi Shankaracharya brought back the Vedic Lore to India by masterfully defeating in debate renowned Buddhist scholars of that time. He spread the Vedic way of life along the length and breath of India and established the four matths with the help of His four beloved disciples. The five people sitting right in the middle […]

Nov 9

A History Lesson

With the advent of Buddhism in India, for many, many years, the Vedic lore of performing Poojas and Yagyas was lost. Buddhism said that all these rituals didn’t make any sense, and that all you need to do for Enlightenment was to meditate and drop everything else. For many hundreds of years there was hardly […]

Sep 7

Sir Winston Churchill

Churchill was Prime Minister of Great Britain. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He has surely played pivotal roles in the various trials and tribulations of Britain… but i remember him for his superb sense of humour 🙂 3 incidents: He was asked to give an after dinner speech on sex. But […]

Sep 3

A Gopi Story – II

Then one after the other, the gopis tell the Sage the story of how they got to Him. Of what Krishna had told them and how the waters had parted to let them through. They obviously couldn’t tell the River that they had to go and feed a hungry Sage. Could He please help them? […]

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