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Mar 22

This begins a new practice…

Hi everyone… Many years ago, Guruji sent us a fax (this was before email was popular) to be read out on the Thursday evening Satsang. It was a Knowledge fax (as He called it). And the first line was, This begins a new practice… For 7 years, every week there would be a Knowledge byte […]

Mar 9

From the Knowledge Sheets…

Have been making a few videos from the Knowledge Sheets (yes, yes you will see it as soon as they finish editing) and one quote stayed with me … If you are open, then you are close to me… If you are close to me, then you cannot but open up! very cool na?! ๐Ÿ™‚ […]

Mar 1

Upgrade yourself!

First of all … A Happy Happy Holi!!!! Do play Holi with a lot of water, don’t worry about “wasting” it… People who eat non veg food will waste more water in a single meal that you and your family will waste playing a full fledged Holi with lots and lots of water … Do […]

Feb 25

Guruji’s Photo

One of our teachers in the US got asked this question on a course: What does Sri Sri think of his picture being displayed so prominently with a candle as it if were a religious shrine? Here is my answer to it ๐Ÿ™‚ Its an Indian tradition to honour the One who has given us […]

Jan 25


Dinesh wrote a beautiful article about Seva, i edited it and made it even more beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€˜Love expresses itself as Seva (Selfless Service)โ€™. โ€˜Its impossible to know what true love is until you have done something selfless for othersโ€™. When I did my first few Art of Living courses, I heard these lines, but […]

Jan 21

Antarnaad and The World’s Biggest YES!+ Course (so far)

We had a fantastic few days with Guruji at Poona. Antarnaad saw 2500+ Hindustani classical singers on stage together, the world’s largest such gathering (its got into the Guinness Book) performing for over 80,000 people who had gathered in Poona’s S P College grounds to listen to them. It was a superb program, with the […]

Jan 7

News from the Winter Break 2009-10

Winter Break 2009-10 was the best YES!+ program we have had so far. 1382 young people from many parts of India and the world had an absolute blast. We started with the Challenge of the seven levels โ€“ a super fun bonding activity on day one, masterminded by Priya Mani and Gowri Shankar with plenty […]

Dec 31

Getting Back to Bangalore

I had gone to Trichi for a conference and realized that i had no reservations on the train to get back to Bangalore… Bawa was adamant that i not travel unreserved and ordered me to fly back the next day… Turned out to be the 4:00 am flight from Trichi to Bangalore via Chennai. More […]

Dec 29

This Time, Last Year…

Dinesh had written out a very cool story about his trip to Trichi last year … winter break time and somehow, it never made it to the blog… Here it is ๐Ÿ™‚ Around the same time last year, I went to Triruchirapalli (say it 5 times in a row, its quite a tongue twister). Since […]

Dec 24

Some Fantastic Statements…

… made by Guruji in the last few days: Your yes and no are based only on your perspective of the situation that moment. Wisdom is that which gives you a universal perspective. A good teacher is one who can see other people’s perspectives. If you think you are bad, you will behave badly. If […]

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