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Mar 9

Why do you want to be rich?!

Had been to many internet challenged places lately … also really didn’t have enthu to write … but its come back now and i am back home in Bangalore Ashram … soooo here is a nice post for today… Enjoy 🙂 Jai Gurudeva! love bawa There are just three things that you feel being rich […]

Feb 25


After giving some inspirational talks in Bombay about our clean up project and our other initiatives there, i traveled by a local train and was in need of inspiration myself by seeing the appalling amount of filth that we were fighting to clean up and worse the kind of apathy of people towards it… It […]

Feb 10

India’s Song

Suparna must have read our Valentine message, she has written a lovely piece… short and sweet 🙂 Her song beckons, like notes from a flute She smells of jasmine and sandalwood She held you close, sang lullabyes She waited for you to open your eyes Today she is aging beyond her youthful years Her garb […]

Feb 9

Valentine’s Day

Ahhh February! … the Month of the Lovers… Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost through out the world by lovers, both old and new, where each exchanges candy and gifts to reinforce their love for each other… Let’s have a different sort of Valentine’s day this year… instead of exchanging goofy nothings, how about doing something […]

Feb 2

QnA – 20

Q: My question is whenever I try doing something good, the bad idea always follows.I know what I am thinking in mind is wrong but still I wanna get out of that bad thought affecting my good. How can I? A: This is the nature of the memory and mind that it clings on to […]

Jan 29

Dispassion (cont’d)

Click to read the first part on Dispassion There is another type of dispassion… When you were a child, there were things you loved… Your toys, sweets, chocolates, etc. Possibly you had a favourite teddy bear or doll, you simply couldn’t live without… but as you grew older, that teddy utterly lost its significance in […]

Jan 26

Hot Knowledge from Cold Cold Shimla

Shimla is cold, and amazingly very ill equipped for winter… everyone is happy on the adv course, but i couldn’t help feeling that it would have been so much better in Bangalore 🙂 Here is the view from our balcony, when you look straight out… Shimla is very pretty, nestled in the highest reaches of […]

Jan 20


a quickie 🙂 Q. Guruji in his talks, mentioned in the book “Mind Matters” (pg. 9), says, “Continue doing whatever you are doing. Be at peace in your mind. Let go of everything. Put away all you worries; they are nothing. When you let go, you will realise you are at peace. What is stopping […]

Jan 18

What Bawa said…

… in the first few minutes of 2009 … Vikram lead Satsang on New Year’s eve, magical, uplifting and wonderous… everyone singing and swaying and rocking to his beautiful voice and his brilliant guitaring… A few minutes before midnight, Bawa and Dinesh with their hearts full of love and devotion performed the Guru Pooja. When […]

Jan 11

Bhanu Didi

There are many things about Guruji on our blog and elsewhere on the net… but not enough (according to us) about our darling Bhanu Didi… Guruji’s lil sisiter! I remember one of my earliest memories about Bhanu Ma as our family calls her, is mixing hot rice and yummy rasam and home made ghee with […]

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