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Jan 5

Points of View

… or is it Point of Views … well… whatever 🙂 Here is a question someone sent me: Jai Gurudev! bawa n dinesh bhaiya I feel so close to Guruji when I talk to his pictures or write him a letter but during Utsav on the last day of brahmnaad, when he was walking among […]

Jan 1

Celebration and Service – Gurudev’s New Year Message

Dinesh will write out what i said in the first few minutes of 2009… here is what Guruji said in the last few minutes of 2008… Click to watch Guruji’s New Year message for 2009 The last hour of 2008. The time on this planet for us is a gift. Time is a gift to […]

Dec 2

A comment…

it started off as a comment to some comments to the post about the craziness in Mumbai, but i think its good enough to be a post all by itself … soooo here it is: There were a few comments about why change the govt… i am not going to sully this blog by listing […]

Dec 1

A White Rose

When 9/11 happened, what Guruji said is still perfectly relevant after what happened in my beloved Mumbai, and here it is word for word for everyone to read… I thought of changing the blog design to something darker for a few days, but then decided that this would mean that terror has won over love […]

Nov 10

The Master’s hand

A story… some sites claim that it’s fiction… i prefer to believe that it actually happened, if not with Paderewski, then some other great pianist :)… Wishing to encourage her young son’s progress on the piano, a mother took her boy to a Paderewski concert. After they were seated, the mother spotted a friend in […]

Nov 5

QnA – 18

Q: I really get very confused whenever I encounter a beggar as I do not understand the truth behind beggary. Some people say we must never extend monetary help to beggars as they are fake, and the real poor people who don’t have anything to eat do not come out and beg. While on the […]

Nov 4

Om Namah Shivaya

People have been asking me why we do Om Namah Shivaya chanting… and why we do it 108 times. Namah, read backwards is manah, the mind which is directed outwards and confused, dull, etc… you turn the mind inwards, it becomes Namah, and when you go inwards, what do you find? Shiva! The embodiment of […]

Nov 3


… or Orbs as they are known as to most people exist… You can watch the movie called “Orbs- The Veil is Lifting” and get to know much more about them… You can get it from crossword btw Guruji was showing the pictures of the Orbs at our Silver Jubilee Celebrations in Bangalore to some […]

Oct 30

Diwali – from Guruji

Another lovely article by Him… Time and space are infinite. Grains of sand are countless. Atoms in the universe are innumerable. So also are the stars, the galaxies. The same is with life on this planet. There is neither a beginning nor an end, because all is spherical. A sphere has no beginning and no […]

Oct 28

Deepawali – by Guruji

An unabridged cut-paste for your reading pleasure: Have a super fantastic Deepawali!! Be safe… Jai Gurudeva! love bawa n dinesh Diwali – “the festival of lights” – celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Lights lit on this day do more than decorate homes. They also communicate a […]

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