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Mar 21

Satsang yesterday night

Before i write about Surat, Mumbai, Nashik and Nagpur, here are 2 things that stood out in the Knowledge that Guruji gave yesterday night… Q. How do i handle the situation when i want to do stuff that my elders dont want me to do? A. Prayer, Skill and Time Q. How relevant is Meditation […]

Mar 4

Goal Setting

Rashmin (one of our teachers) was in Phalton, a small town in the interior of Maharashtra. The people there were preparing for Guruji’s visit, and Rashmin out of habit asked what their target was… how many people did they expect would come for Guruji’s Satsang…There was a quizzical silence among all the volunteers there, each […]

Mar 3

QnA – 1

Lots of people ask me questions… here are a few answers 🙂 Q. How to get over lust? A. First off dont make a big deal out of it… to get over it there are 4 things that really help a lot1. Do some creative stuff, lust will simply not bother you when you have […]

Mar 2

Jai Gurudeva!

Hello World!and Jai Gurudeva !!! This blog is going to be about things that make our life interesting, challenging, and more fun to live… Its going to be about our experiences with Art of Living courses, about Guruji, about music and food, about movies and plays and musicals we enjoyed (or didnt), about our friends… […]

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