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Dec 30

The Force Awakens

Episode 7 of the Star Wars Saga. There are many references to Episodes 4, 5 and 6 and you will enjoy this movie much, much more if you have watched these older movies. But, it works very well even if this is your first foray into the Star Wars Universe. We went with a mixed […]

Jul 1

Inside Out

Riley is a 10 year old, with loving parents, a lovely home and great friends. Then one day, out of the blue, the entire family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. Riley has to deal with living in a much smaller and a very dingy new house, a new school and new friends. On top […]

Nov 26


I don’t like Chris Nolan’s movies. There, I have said that out, however blasphemous it may sound to many, many people reading this. I didn’t like the Batman series – too dark and dismal for me and I felt that Superman was made into an unnecessarily psychotic, depressed and slightly confused person – Hardly the […]

Sep 17

The Hundred Foot Journey

Absolutely fantastic movie. Useless book. Do yourself a favour, Watch the movie, don’t read the book. It’s magic in the kitchen when the spices of India flirt with haute french cuisine. Sparks fly and the heat is on. A muslim family who passionately run a restaurant in Mumbai are victims of a riot. They loose everything […]

Mar 25

Movies in March

Saw Queen. Went to see it thinking it was an English movie *blush*. Half way to the theatre realized it was a hindi one. Almost turned back, but all tickets had been booked and other friends were also on the way to see it, so went ahead. Turned out to be a really very nice […]

Dec 20

The Desolation of Smaug

… is a fantastic movie! 🙂 It’s the second part in the second series of the Lord of the Rings which is actually the first… Because the events in this set of movies occur before what happens in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s the story of Bilbo Baggins and how he managed to […]

Jun 19

Man of Steel

A new Superman movie!! Wow!!! I grew up with the Christopher Reeve Superman movies (and comics) and had throughly enjoyed them, and was quite looking forward to seeing this movie… and unfortunately it didn’t live up to what it could have been. Superman is a fairly happy, funny, upbeat super hero. Not like batman who […]

Nov 27

Life of Pi

3 word review? Go watch it! Another 3 words? It’s absolutely Brilliant! 🙂 In 3 sentences? A writer has a chance meeting with Pi’s Mamaji who tells him to go meet Pi. Tells him that Pi has a story that will make him believe in God. Pi tells his story to the writer…   More? […]

Apr 22

How to Train Your Dragon

is a superb movie Please watch it… and if possible watch it in 3D… unlike most of the other movies out there in 3D, this one actually uses the 3D effects many, many times. If you are a viking, then dragons are bad news … they carry off your food and clothes (sheep) and torch […]

Apr 8

Movie Time

After Avatar and Three Idiots, the other movies we saw were quite flat… Clash of the Titans is the story of the demi God Perseus who yearns to be only a man, and who has one burning desire to kill off Hades the God of Death, but as a man. Meanwhile the city of Argos […]

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