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Jan 14


Lets do it in space! Rape another planet of its natural resources… “The reason why we are here is this little grey rock, it sells for $20 million a kilo!” Pandora is the planet somewhere out of the beyond, a lush green rain forest, perfect and beautiful, pregnant with possibility, full of the most fantastic […]

Jan 11

3 Idiots

In a line: Superb movie, perhaps one of the best movies i have ever seen. Do yourself a favour and go see it! The Indian College of Engineering has a student,who actually loves machines, applies the knowledge he has learned in class to real life situations, doesn’t believe in learning by rote, wants to genuinely […]

Aug 14

Peaceful Warrior

I had heard a lot about this movie, so finally saw it last night … and it was really nice! A cocky, brilliant American gymnast Dan (I get straight A’s, my dad has tons of money, i am going to be selected to represent America for the Olympics, and i don’t sleep alone unless i […]

Jul 22

Bolt and Ice Age 3

Bolt A brilliant little movie about a dog (Bolt) who has always acted in a TV series and believes to have super powers with which he annhiliates the enemies who seek to harm his young owner. An accident causes Bolt to be suddenly thrust into the real world, where his powers dont work… His quest […]

Mar 17

Enchanted / A Mirror has Two Faces

Went on a movie spree 🙂 Watched a superb Disney movie- “Enchanted” and an absolutely delightful Barbra Streisand movie “The Mirror has Two Faces” And so throughly enjoyed both of them… Enchanted has all the stuff of a classic fairy tale, a princess, her prince, talking animals, a power hungry wicked step mother, a dragon, […]

Mar 11

The Pink Panther 2

As a child i had seen every single Pink Panther movie and gleefully followed the utterly insane antics of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau, and couldn’t wait for the next instalment of craziness 🙂 … and was quite heartbroken when i learned that Peter Sellers died, coz that i thought would be the end of […]

Sep 19

Mamma Mia!!

I had been waiting to see this movie for a very long time… it’s been released in the US 2 months ago i think, but it has finally made it to Indian shores. JD, devang, harshal, rupal and me went to see it today afternoon… and what a smashing treat it was! It’s a movie […]

Jul 9

Cheeni Kum

Ok, so i had the time to watch this one just a few days ago… and ok, i know most of you would have seen it already… but still, here is the review: In a word: Fantastic! Amitabh Bachchan sparkles as an absolutely acidic chef serving up sumptous Indian food in a classy London restaurant… […]

Jun 11

Indie is Back!!!

Indie is back! Only now he is called Dr. Henry Jones the second… Harrison Ford has aged but he is the better for it, like a finely aged wine he sparkles on the screen, setting it alight with his presence! The Hat and the Whip are still very much there… The hat gets rescued many […]

Jun 6


Rajeev Bharadwaj, a friend of mine introduced me to science fiction. It was an arena of books that i had never read before, and very soon i was devouring Sci-fi at an alarming rate 🙂 Isaac Asmiov’s Foundation series is perhaps the best introduction to this genre… The series was writtnenover a span of 40 […]

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