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May 21

Prince Caspian

A lot has happened in Narnia, 1300 years of it… and the old Narnia is threatened by the humans who have somehow managed to get there… An evil uncle, a good doctor, a prince, 2 Kings (one of them is a high King, as edmund says its complicated), 2 queens, dwarves and the Godly Lion […]

Apr 23

An Inconvienient Truth

Its a movie about global warming. Its the movie that got Al Gore (the hero), the Nobel Peace Prize. Its thought provoking, scary and told with humour and sensitiviy… It offers few solutions, but does provide some hope…It also fails to mention that eating Non Veg food, and the meat industry contributes to 27% of […]

Apr 22

The Spiderwick Chronicles

A superb, scenic, old , old house in some of the most beautiful countryside of the US, with autumn colours in the woods make the setting for this really nice fantasy, adventure movie…Add 3 children, a screamy, brave older sister, 2 boys who are twins and maybe 12ish with very different attitudes (one guy fights […]

Mar 4


Watched Ratatouille (pronounced Rat-a-too-e) today… its a movie about a rat who loves to cook and a guy who has to but cant!! utterly delectable, superb french music (the movie is set in Paris)… and i got a few nice tips on how to cook as well 🙂 Everything a movie should have: comedy, action, […]

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