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Sep 18

Ganesha and Karitkeya

A cool story from Lord Ganesha’s childhood… His brother is quite the fitness freak. Does his exercise daily, eats proteins, flexes his muscles, you know the type right?… and often mocks Ganesha’s “lazy” ways. possibly even signed him up for a Naturopathy treatment at the Ayurveda hospital… Ganesha just smiles, and lovingly takes all the […]

Sep 3

A Gopi Story – II

Then one after the other, the gopis tell the Sage the story of how they got to Him. Of what Krishna had told them and how the waters had parted to let them through. They obviously couldn’t tell the River that they had to go and feed a hungry Sage. Could He please help them? […]

Aug 31

A Gopi Story – I

Sage Durvasa had come to Vrindavan and was very hungry. The gopis joyfully made all kinds of delicious food for the great Sage. There were different types of rice, many types of vegetables, savouries, rotis, papads, sweets of many, many varieties, steaming hot food, cold, cold food, and everything in between… Food enough for more […]

Aug 25


Guruji talked about Ganapati in a very different way the other day during Satsang. The Universe is made up of groups of atoms called Ganas. And specific groups behave in specific ways. The groups of atoms that make gold for example somehow remember at all times that they are gold… They don’t suddenly turn into […]

Oct 6


The days of Rajas are at an end, and the 3 days of Satva have started. Your meditations will be especially deep these 3 days… go inwards… do Yoga and chanting, do your Kriya and meditation for longer than normal… Enjoy yourself! (pun intended) 🙂 Three portfolios have been given to Devi. Defense, Finance and […]

Sep 15

Paradise Lost?!

Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Paradise… Right? Some of you don’t… Hmmmm… Ok here is my version: God created this fantastic superb, beautiful garden full of everything that anyone could ever want… And then possibly found that to be slightly boring, so created the first man, Adam. Adam […]

Sep 14

The Secret of Lord Ganesha III

Shiva had granted a boon to Ganesha that before anything auspicious is begun, Ganesha’s name would be invoked… So Ganesha also represents the beginnings of anything good. When light passes through a prism and breaks into its constituent colours, Red is the first colour visible to the human eye… The beginning! Lord Ganesha’s signature colour […]

Sep 10

The Secret of Lord Ganesha II

Ganeshji is the remover of obstacles… Obstacles are there because there is no Knowledge and awareness… as soon as wisdom dawns, all obstacles and problems just vanish like dew in the sunlight…And really what obstacle can stand in the way of an elephant?! He has a huge stomach which signifies an all accepting nature… He […]