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Jun 1

One Worder

Q. Guruji, how do you feel, when so many people expect you to solve all their problems? A. (a very brief thoughtful pause) Normal!   Jai Gurudeva! love bawa ps The blog should change its look at 7 pm every evening and reset to the original at 7 am … hopefully it should work for […]

Mar 20

QnA – 21

Q. There is a realization that the path is visible and attainable. All thanks to the grace of Guruji. All the teachings state the same that it is love in action and the joy of spiritual riches. It also is that the world is a maze designed by the great one himself and you need […]

Feb 2

QnA – 20

Q: My question is whenever I try doing something good, the bad idea always follows.I know what I am thinking in mind is wrong but still I wanna get out of that bad thought affecting my good. How can I? A: This is the nature of the memory and mind that it clings on to […]

Jan 20


a quickie 🙂 Q. Guruji in his talks, mentioned in the book “Mind Matters” (pg. 9), says, “Continue doing whatever you are doing. Be at peace in your mind. Let go of everything. Put away all you worries; they are nothing. When you let go, you will realise you are at peace. What is stopping […]

Dec 10

QnA – 19

Q: I’m really troubled. I’ve done the UTSAV with You at Mumbai. Since day 1 of UTSAV, I’ve been having really disturbing dreams. And it has been happening everyday since then. Sleep is supposed to be a source of energy, but it has started draining me of all my energy. All my dreams manifest a […]

Nov 5

QnA – 18

Q: I really get very confused whenever I encounter a beggar as I do not understand the truth behind beggary. Some people say we must never extend monetary help to beggars as they are fake, and the real poor people who don’t have anything to eat do not come out and beg. While on the […]

Sep 17

What can i do?

Q. Whenever, wherever they want, they plant the bombs and blow them off. Are we really helpless? No. They do this because of lack of education. They do this because they think  that a cause is more important than a human life. There are many ways that this can stop… here are some: 1. Many […]

Sep 16


I get questions about people feeling suicidal because of the problems and challenges that life has thrown at them that they feel they cannot handle… In a recent Utsav course i asked how many people had contemplated suicide at some time or other in their lives, and an alarming 60-75% raised their hands. Even i […]

Jul 18

QnA – 15

Here is an article i did for some magazine… They edited a lot of stuff… here it is in the original 🙂Q: Why should a person who has been living his life happily need to do an art of living course?Answer. The Art of Living series of courses are not only for people who have […]

Jul 7

QnA – 14

Today’s post is delayed and i am really sorry for that… Here is a lovely photo from the Adv course that just got over to make up for the delay 🙂Scroll all the way down for 2 more really cool photos! 🙂 Q: Bawa help me!!! These are my problems: My parents (especially my mom) […]

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