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Jun 19

Rest and Activity

Q: I heard a beautiful knowledge sheet of Gurudev on Activity & Rest being read during the long kriya at Ananda Mai Bhavan yesterday. I can’t recollect verbatim… But one sentence said, “… Wise are the ones who finds Rest in Activity & Activity in Rest. While it appeals to my silly small mind/intellect about […]

Jun 13

QnA – 13

Q: I have done Basic Course, Advance Course & DSN. However, I am too lazy to practice Kriya. I have got myself into a rotten state. I have a very good job, family, house. You name it and have all the worldly pleasures. However, I have one problem. I have become addicted to drinking. Just […]

May 30

QnA – 12 (Quickie)

Q: Jai Gurudev Bawa!! Many of my friends enjoy drinking and smoking and currently they are not facing any problem as they say … they say we do not want to live a life of 100 years even 50 is ok but we will enjoy this way and live. how to make them aware that […]

May 26

QnA – 11

Here is a very nice little real life story: Hello Bau! I work for the Clean Up! Mumbai program at Dadar Agar Bazar area. Even Mtv has covered our activity for the MTV Wassup program. It feels really great doing this Seva. On the last Sunday, while doing the Seva, one fellow came to me […]

May 17

QnA – 10

Q: What is Courage? A: A story to illustrate it: (not mine, plagarised shamelessly from somewhere on the WWW) A psychology professor at the University of Miami knew his students expected a terrifyingly long final exam. To play with their minds a little (what do you expect from a psychology professor?) he only put ONE […]

May 11

QnA – 9

Q:I have everything in life. Guruji, wonderful parents, enough money, a nice job, Seva, Satsang…… But i feel something missing in this entire picture. I don’t quite know what it is and so i cannot act upon it. It’s as if there is some quest in my life. But i cannot understand what to do. […]

Apr 26

QnA – 8

Is it really possible that one can perform exceedingly well in his work which he has been doing for most part of his life but has been only a mediocre. I know some people do miraculous after a realization. But I don’t know of any example where an average guy does something extraordinary in his […]

Apr 14

QnA – 6 (v short for a change)

Q. Gurudev’s vision is one world family… but what to do when in your won family, there is a lot of strife, tension, jealousy, etc, and it seems as if things will never be alright… How do i handle this? All families have some problem or the other, and typically while you are in the […]

Apr 13

QnA – 5

Q. I was to meet my friend and when she told me her cousin was going to be coming too i cancelled out cos her cousin was my classmate in school and i don’t much like him. I guess she told him and he sent me a very very vulgar message in yahoo.I cant get […]

Mar 29

QnA – 4

Q. Hi……… I am gay and can’t tell this to anyone. I am 27 and still virgin. Kindly tell how to get out of this conflict. First off there is nothing wrong with being a virgin… it means you are careful and dont abuse or disrespect your body!An aunt of mine used to say,”instead of […]

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