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Nov 10

The Master’s hand

A story… some sites claim that it’s fiction… i prefer to believe that it actually happened, if not with Paderewski, then some other great pianist :)… Wishing to encourage her young son’s progress on the piano, a mother took her boy to a Paderewski concert. After they were seated, the mother spotted a friend in […]

Sep 13

The Hermit

An absolute gem from Suparna! you can write to her and tell her to write more! 🙂 Enjoy… Up in the hills of Nilgiri 2 miles up the winding lane Lived a mysterious hermit With a long flowing mane No one could guess his age for sure Indeed, no one even knew his name […]

Aug 29

Krishna and Kaaliya

When Krishna was very young, he was the epi center of many miracles and charming stories… An extremely poisonous King Serpent called Kaaliya made a home for himself in one of the lagoons of the Yamuna near Vrindavan. He was so very poisonous, that all the fish in the lagoon died, and even the plants […]

Aug 27


Radha was very special to Krishna… Here is one of the most beautiful stories about Radha that i know: Much after Vrindavan, when Krishna was relaxing with his many wives, Rukmini his head wife threw a tantrum… All the time i hear Radhe Krishna, Radhe Govind… she is not even married to you… how come […]

May 31

A Mystery!

A rosogolla is a very goeey, drippy, sugary, yummy Indian bengali sweet… here is another gem from suparna… read on about the mystery of: WHO ATE THE LAST ROSOGOLLA? Suparna Chatterjee “WHO ATE THE LAST ROSOGOLLA?” My mother-in-law let out a scream that made all of us jump out of our skins. I could instantly […]

May 22

The Email

Lemme introduce everyone to Suparna. She is a volunteer for the Art of Living in France. Lives in a small lil town called Fontainebleau with her hubby and daughter. She also writes short stories and is currently working on a full length book. I loved this story that she sent me to read and with […]

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